An estimated 18,000 heads of livestock were swept away and killed by flash floods following a heavy downpour in Samburu County, Kenya.

This is the worst loss that has ever been experienced in the region.

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Via Digital Citizen

According to Joseph Lekaato, a resident of Bendera village in Samburu North Sub County, this is the worst loss that has never been experienced in the region.

We have lost millions of shillings after our cattle, camels, goats, sheep and donkeys died of hunger and now rainfall.

The most flooded areas are Nyiro, Ndoto, Elbarta, Nachola, Angata and Baawaa, where households have also been swept away by the floods.

The affected residents are now calling upon county and national governments to increase relief food distribution in the region as what is being received is not enough to satisfy the affected community.

Heavy rainfall and floods will affect Kenya during May and June 2017. So get prepared!

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