Earthquake swarm continues at Yellowstone: 72 quakes in 24 hours


According to USGS, 72 earthquakes have hit Yellowstone in the last 24 hours… And the seismic unrest doesn’t seem to stop.

The smaller quakes are starting to work their way toward the Caldera area.

This swarm was set off by a shallow 4.5 earthquake on June 16, 2017. We also have NASA flying the largest Infrared Observatory in the world over the Supervolcano.

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yellowstone earthquake swarm june 2017 – 72 earthquakes in 24 hours since June 16 2017. via USGS

Is this seismic activity a sign of underground magma on the move? video by Dahboo7

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  1. small quakes could be slowly releasing pressure as the magma shifts, if it is actually moving magma. it might not be cataclysmic disaster, but maybe there will be a few more geysers. however, anyone who still thinks its a good idea to locate geothermal plants in the basin which could shift lots of things around, needs their head examined. you can’t eat money…if it really does blow…and its overdue. just sayin.

  2. Some people’s
    resistance to proven science is truly astounding and I hope those that consider this to be just another wacky conspiracy are the first ones affected if yellowstone decides to blow, as if the world doesn’t already have enough problems !

    • I hope I’m one the first to go who in there right mind would want to survive that crazy catastrophe in my mind I would want to be one of the first ones to go because if not think of all that pain and suffering you’re going to have to go through and then you’re still going to die..

    • Yeah. Getvon fb have everyone share. Like and say amen we will be saved.jesus told me this.and im on fb so its true

    • First, find a sturdy chair. One you can feel comfortable in. Second, sit on the edge of it. Third, double yourself over, putting your head between your knees. Forth, and this is the tough one, push your head in as far as you can, because you’re going to want to kiss your a*s goodbye.

      • so when the mobs invade, you can be killed for your hoard, and if you survive the hordes, you can eat it all and then slowly starve to death.

    • There is no way to survive such a mass eruption of yellow stone, it will blanket the world sending it into a ice-age slowly killing of the ones who didn’t die from the smoke. If you believe in god, pray that the people you love do not have to suffer, if you do not, prepare to say goodbye and be with loved ones.

  3. Well buddy there aee preparations in place but they are not for us the little people but for the ones that call themselves the elite! Remember that they are panning to reduce the world population, sse the Georgia Guidestone, to 500 million & if they can get somee help doing it by natural disasters they will just be happy.

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