Another huge beam anomaly connected to Antarctica appears on MIMIC maps (video)


Another huge anomaly has been caught on the MIMIC Maps.

Although this wave is a little different from the those caught in the past by DAHBOO7, it is once again connected to the mysterious Antarctica.

This very strange pattern has popped up between South America and Antarctica. Again, Antarctica is key to this mystery. And again, MIMIC Maps continue to show no data on the pole regions. This massive anomaly seems to shift with the wind pattern.

Look at the wave anomalies directly from the GI image below. Watch the bottom-right corner:

Mysterious wave anomalies from Antarctica, Mysterious wave anomalies from Antarctica in July 2017
Mysterious wave anomalies from Antarctica in July 2017

On the 4th of July, DAHBOO7 put out a video covering a strange line anomaly in the Southern Atlantic Ocean:

Do you know what is this mysterious wave anomaly?

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