Evidence of a ninth planet


Two astronomers discuss new research that provides evidence of a giant planet tracing a bizarre, highly elongated orbit in the outer solar system.

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  1. So all this time the media outlets and experts have been condemning the idea of “Niburu” to the point where Google hides it from searches, has been in error? Who will apologize to the “crazies” that have talked about a ninth planet for DECADES?

    • What would you have the media say?…. How about this… Now hear this, all the “conspiracy theories” about the end of times are true. Climate change including droughts, torrential flooding, volcanic activity, earth quakes, unseasonable weather, crop failures, animal die offs, Rising sea levels ( or really sinking land), EMP due to space weather anomalies resulting in power failures, planes crashing or emergency landings with smoke filled cockpits, electric trains skidding off tracks, Construction cranes toppling over and dozens of other now common events are all caused by Planet X. within the next 10 years at the longest, the passage of this planet will cause a 90% death rate on Earth. But have no fear, your leaders have known about this for the last 25 years and are well prepared with bunkers and food stocks. Unfortunately if you are not among the “elite” then your on your own. Good luck. NO the media will never say this, NOT until the end it upon us as retribution is impossible. Such is there fear. They must lie at all costs. So even at the truth becomes more and more obvious, denial will be strong

  2. There are infinite worlds inhabited and Jesus himself said it. The Bible is a book that speaks and witnesses a lot of close Encounters with creatures of space. Insurrection are a poor ignorant. How do you say that our planet is unique in the Universe? We are not alone and we have never been. Ignorance is a bad beast !!

    • The Bible is an esoteric, and exoteric work, with dual meanings for all passages. Also its not always what is written, but also what is not written that carries significant meaning. Like for instance in Ecclesiastes 1:9 is found the phrase “there is nothing new under the sun.” The languages used to write the old testament absolutely had words for universe, solar system, and stars. I always found it interesting the word used was sun, specific to our star, as apposed to there is nothing new in the universe…

  3. The Earth is unique in the universe, there is only 1 like it. The false teaching of “many planets” is a lie. The helio centric spinning ball earth is a lie just like evolution is a lie. Do a little research on The Flat Earth and you will see how it correlates with the Bible.

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