The volcanic activity along the Ring of fire is rising with several volcanoes erupting or on high alert around the world.

The latest to date are the Fuego volcano in Guatemala, the Agung volcano on Bali, Indonesia, and the Turrialba volcano in Costa Rica. The Ambae and Lopevi volcanoes in Vanuatu are on high alert!

The 10th eruption of 2017 began at Fuego volcano on September 27, 2017. It was confirmed by an increase in the seismicity and the presence of tremor generated by the ascension of the magma.

fuego eruption guatemala, Fuego volcano eruption on September 28 2017 in Guatemala pictures, Fuego volcano eruption on September 28 2017 in Guatemala video
Fuego volcano eruption on September 28 2017 in Guatemala. via Josue Decavele / Reuters

On September 27, 2017, permanent explosions were accompanied by an ash plume rising to 4,800 meters asl, before moving 30 km west and northwest. Moreover 30 meters high lava fountains were feeding two lava flows in the Barranca Seca (600 meters long) and Las Lajas (500 meters long).

fuego eruption guatemala, Fuego volcano eruption on September 28 2017 in Guatemala pictures, Fuego volcano eruption on September 28 2017 in Guatemala video
This 10th eruptive episode was short with weak to moderate explosions, pulsating incandescence and lava flows.

On September 28, lava fountains were reported rising about 300 meters above the crater and casting in the Barraca Seca at a length of 800 meters. Ashfalls have been reported in La soledad, Pastores, San Miguel and Antigua. An important lahar is observed in the community of Sacatepéquez.

On Sept. 28, Mount Agung seismicity remained high with 444 deep volcanic earthquakes, 214 superficial volcanic earthquakes, and 23 local tectonic earthquakes. Between 0h and 6h local on the following day, there are 125 VA earthquakes, 40 VB earthquakes and 5 local tectonic earthquakes.

agung seismic activity, agung seismic activity chart, agung seismic activity picture, agung seismic activity video
Mount Agung seismic activity on Bali, Indonesia.

Gas and steam emissions have now become routine since already 2 days. Emissions come out of a visible fracture in the crater. The existence of this fracture shows that movements of the magma continue towards the surface.

Evacuations are now topping 144,389 people on September 28 at 12:00 pm.

agung evacuations chart, agung volcano evacuations chart
agung evacuations chart

Evacuations continue around Ambae volcano while a large plume of gases, ashes and volcanic rocks are ejected from the Lombenben crater.

The Lopevi volcano, also in Vanuatu has been put on alert level 2, as it now shows a state of major instability. It is now forbidden to approach the crater as adventurers could be impacted by lava stones or asphyxiated by gases.

Lopevi volcano on high alert, Lopevi volcano on high alert pictures, Lopevi volcano on high alert video
Lopevi volcano on high alert on September 28, 2017.

Finally, the Turrialba volcano exploded 3 times (5.30, 8.25 and 15.23) on Sept. 28 with ash and gas plumes rising 700-800 meters above the crater and then dispersing towards the west-southwest.

The volcanic unrest is increasing around the world and nobody knows when it will stop…

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