Welp… It’s the end of the world in Hinesville, Georgia

First I thought they were experimenting with photoshop.

Then as I found more and more pictures on Instagram and started feeling terrified.

It was the end of the world in Hinesville, Georgia on August 31, 2017.

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An apocalyptical cloud is engulfing the Hinesville, Georgia on August 31 2017. via Instagram
end of world cloud georgia, end of world georgia, end of world georgia picture, end of world georgia video
A terrifying wall of cloud fell down on this Georgia city. via Instagram
end of world cloud georgia, end of world georgia, end of world georgia picture, end of world georgia video
The cloud has some weird branches coming down to Earth. via Instagram
end of world cloud georgia, end of world georgia, end of world georgia picture, end of world georgia video
This strange cloud looks like a tsunami wave. by Sarah Marie
end of world cloud georgia, end of world georgia, end of world georgia picture, end of world georgia video
The strange cloud ended abruptly like in an horror movie. via Instagram
end of world cloud georgia, end of world georgia, end of world georgia picture, end of world georgia video
This is seriously incredible. via Instagram
end of world cloud georgia, end of world georgia, end of world georgia picture, end of world georgia video
Make a prayer, the end of the world is nearing. via Instagram

Our weather is getting weirder everyday.

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  1. Now I don’t know where Hinesville-ga is. Is it on the coast at all. Yes you might think me crazy but here it goes. And with such a picture of what that looks like — And I believe in warnings that God gives us. But with this newest hurricane of irma coming and to where it might go. I would say have preparations on going now.. Everyone have a backpack ready with everything you need — papers extra clothes shoes, snack bars and water ——–if you have children diapers and what every else you need and a backpack for everyone to have –even little kids with their toys or games. Some of those people in Texas weren’t prepared enough. I have gone through hurricanes I lived in fla. for 20yrs. It is a MUST TO BE PREPARED. ready to roll out of the house. Even your car must be ready. Don’t ever presume it won’t be anything. blankets and gas can extra. I was seeing people with no raincoats. that is asking for hypothermia for sure. If you don’t have a raincoat a blk garbage bag with a cut out for the head and arms. Don’t be like he people in texas was –have backups to be ready to escape north.

  2. I think they call that a Wall Cloud. Personally I believe this is the work of HAARP type Geo-engineering. America is not the only nation which has that type of radio frequency scalar emitting mechanisms. Even if another nation which might or might not be our enemy, could do this to us, it really comes down to Plausible deniability.

    If it is admitted by our government that this is the work of HAARP whether ours or another nations’ it would blow the lid off DARPA’s advanced research which now is coming close to what we would think is Alien Technology.

    Again, personally, I also believe our government is culpable because Trump has not been able to clean up the Swamp / Deep State / Shadow Government / NWO Corporatism. They will stop at nothing to secure their power over the people and it is coming close to a time the people will need to stand up and speak the truth; WE WILL NOT TAKE IT ANYMORE ! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !!!

  3. You tube shows videos of huge NASA cloud making machines that pour out white milky clouds like fog- but soon it rains, pours out of them. Watch it before they cover more of their geo engineering.

  4. Weather modification has existed on a level to modify hurricanes since 1947. Today the technology exists, in the hands of private companies as well as the military, to create weather fronts off the coast of Africa (or anywhere else), to create the conditions that will grow these into hurricanes as they cross the Atlantic and then to steer them to their chosen target.

    Source Material:

    Patent for Hurricane and Tornado Control Device –

    Sites using TITAN in weather modification, current version of TITAN is version 5, with release dates to indicate latest release (rather than decimals). Sites include (but not limited to) Southern Ogallala Aquifer Rainfall (SOAR) Program (, Texas, Weather Modification Inc in North Dakota ( and two programs operating in South Africa. –

    TITAN weather modification device version 1.9, made public in May 2017 but already decades old. –—PUBLIC_V1.9.pdf

    Project Cirrus, the first artificially seeded Hurricane, 1947. –

    Project Cyclops – Cloud seeding systems for use in Hurricanes, 1962 –

    Report of the Special Commission on Weather Modification, 1965 –

    Meteorological resources and capabilities in the 70’s, published 1969 “Project Stormfury, a joint Navy-Environment Science Services Administration venture, has seeded hurricanes in an attempt to modify their intensity or movement.” –

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    A report from 1978, studies on plasma interactions with the magnetosphere and precipitation. –

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    Owning the Weather in 2025, Published August 1996 –

    2007 Weather modification in Africa with a focus on West Africa (origin point of most hurricanes) in collaboration with Weather Modification Inc. –

    Operation White Carpet, as mentioned in the following document: Operational Defenses through Weather Control in 2030. This report published in 2009 speaks of current and future technologies. “Over the course of a few hours a definite cloud deck developed, constantly supported by an artificial high pressure area and fed by an army of micro balloons networked, powered and operated by nanotechnology.” –

    Extract from the Water Resources Research Centre Newsletter of Spring 2010: Weather Modification, a.k.a Cloud Seeding, a Technology Whose Time Has Come, “Little did Dr. Vincent Schafer realize, while working in a General Electric laboratory in 1946, that he would stumble upon the first scientific indication that man might beneficially modify clouds.” –

    World Meteorological Organization, Report from Expert Team on Weather Modification Research for 2012/2013 –

    Mastering the art of weather control, scientists create plasma clouds using HAARP. The formation of plasma clouds is vital in the creation of Hurricanes. –

    Hurricane Irma has just reached category 3 and is on it’s way from Africa. –

    Weather Modification Inc. project sites –

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    Programme Al-Ghait, Morocco’s Weather Modification Project –

    Al-Ghait Weather Modification study write up –

    Texas weather modification programs licensing, “The Weather Modification Advisory Committee met August 24 in Austin. The agenda and the staff reports are available online. Due to technical issues the meeting was broadcast live, but it was recorded and has been uploaded to TDLR’s YouTube channel. ( –

    Final report on Wichita Falls, Tx, Weather Mod program –

    Weather modification internship programs with the North Dakota Cloud Modification Project (NDCMP). –

    Colorado Weather Modification Rules and Regulations –

    Los Angeles Weather Modification Project –

    Wyoming seeding project FAQ –

    NOAA Spreadsheets Listing Ongoing Weather Modification Programs in the United States:

    2004 –

    2005 –

    2006 –

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    2011 –


    With regards to the insistence of some people the Hurricane & Tornado patent is impossible, it is actually the basis for the TITAN weather mod systems.

    “Sound is an oscillating wave, but it has a broad range of frequencies. A low frequency sound (say, 50 hz) might sound like a low rumble, while a high frequency sound (say 12,000 hz), might sound more like a “sizzle”. A person with normal hearing can hear all the way up to about 20,000 hz.” –

    “TITAN uses no chemicals and does no harm to health or environment, but rather deploys reengineered ‘natural environmental signals’ such as oscillating harmonics, to influence outcomes at a distance.” –—PUBLIC_V1.9.pdf

    “A method is disclosed for affecting the formation and/or direction of a low atmospheric weather system. Audio generators are positioned to project sound waves toward a peripheral area of a weather system. The sound waves are generated at a frequency to affect the formation of the weather system in a manner to disrupt, enhance or direct the formation. The sound waves can also be projected in a manner to cause the system to produce rain.” –