9 days after Hurricane Maria the streets of San Juan in Puerto Rico are still flooded (video)


9 days after Hurricane Maria, the streets of the coastal city of San Juan, Puerto Rico are still flooded.

Have a prayer for them and keep PREPARING for the next disasters to come!

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  1. of course, evil is evident all over AND it`s growing more and more. WE ALL MUST FACE THESE FACTS in a small way we should fill honored! for the first time EVER I believe we are able to see that our earth is in her last stage of supporting life. our waters are so polluted, the temperature outside is so hot in certain area`s that people have died, food cannot grow, the southern hemisphere has lost a “major” food all due to global warming. people are migrating in herds.we are so close to the end that supernatural evil subjects have been seen, there will be no need for it to hide anymore. this is the truth! we can`t stop it.but we can be of the light, for the light and must not waver in our beliefs. pay attention to what`s going on globally keep an open mind and keep GOD with you at all times.what I was told it happened very near here. we need to read the bible a bit more and understand and be able to repeat what is written if and more so when the time is right. (this is no joke! not a thumper but a realist for sure). tell me if anyone has seen, heard anything evil as you do this I promise more and more you will witness! just keep GOD close, his words are our weapon. peace to you all 43.

  2. These of HAARP are all unhappy. All these Caribbean villages are destroyed, and now they do not receive any help from anyone. this falls within the purpose of the use of HAARP. All they are sons of B …

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