Ancient forests existed in Antarctica before the first dinosaurs roamed the Earth


Antarctica is a vast and frozen continent. It’s so cold and merciless that it is a natural setting for horror. Even the sun doesn’t want to stick around that place when winter sets in, leaving it in perpetual darkness for six months out of the year. Well it now seems that some intrepid explorers, armed to the teeth with GPS systems, high-tech arctic clothing and enough advanced survival gear, discovered fossil fragments of 260 million-year-old trees in Antarctica, showing that the frozen continent had a thriving forest before the first dinosaurs roamed the Earth.

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Erik Gulbranson, paleoecologist and visiting assistant professor at UWM, studies some of the fossilized trees he brought back from Antarctica. Picture by UWM Photo/Troye Fox

‘This new Antarctica story makes the headlines a few days after NASA scientists stated that Antarctic supervolcanoes are melting ice sheet from within.

This new discovery also means by the way that Antarctica probably contains huge reservoirs of ‘black gold‘ that will or is already stirring up the greed of the most powerful countries around the world. They have already installed army bases and scientistic laboratories – I was sent there as a scientist – to test things we shouldn’t be aware of and study extreme environments. Everybody wants his piece of frozen cake.

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  1. It simply amazes me how readily people swallow these concocted dates. I’m not buying into the whole archeological timeline. Science has become less reliable than main stream media and Congress combined!

    I’m not surprised at them finding evidence of ancient forests. There’s more down there than that, though.

    Just wait.

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