Deadly wind storm engulfs US Northwest killing 1 and leaving 180,000 people in the dark


Storms have the potential to harm lives and property via storm surge, heavy rain, lightning, wildfires, and strong winds. Yes, seriously folks, wind is one of Mother Nature’s deadliest weapons, yet it doesn’t seem to get the same national media attention as rain and snow. Wind destroys property and ruins perfectly good hair days and it’s now time for wind to stop getting a free pass. After reading below that the latest severe wind storm that swept throught the US Northwest on Nov. 13th killed 1 and left 180,000 people without electricity, you’ll definitively think twice about walking outside into that hurricane or strong wind storm… Even to watch it from your balcony or in your car. You’ll also probably think about buying plenty of candles. That’s certain. And, by the way, have a heavy storm plan.

wind storm northwest, wind storm advisory US northwest
wind storm advisory US northwest. via Kiro7

Much of the western area of Washington state was under a high wind warning Monday as a strong wind storm – with gusts up to 60 mph – swept across the US Northwest, downing trees and causing power outages for 180,000 residents and businesses.

wind storm northwest, wind storm advisory US northwest
Giant tree falls on home in Washington State. via Kiro7

Al least one person was killed and two others injured after a tree fell on their car in Renton, Washington.

wind storm northwest, wind storm advisory US northwest
Tree falls on car during deadly wind storm sweeps across US Northwest. via Kiro7

Another 15-year-old girl was injured in Port Orchard after a tree fell on her mobile home.

wind storm northwest, wind storm advisory US northwest
Electricity wires taking fire in Washington state. via Kiro7

Candle light dinner was mandatory for more than 180,000 people in the Northwest, with Puget Sound Energy (70,000 customers), Seattle City Light (17,500 customers), and Seattle Snohomish Public Utility District (26,000 customers) being the hardest hit.

So guys, when the wind is blowing, please stay at home, close the shutters, and pray the gusts will not tear down your home or roof! In any cases, be ready and try to avoid your car as trees or electricity poles might start falling down like toothpicks.

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