What are the most destructive California wildfires in history? 2017 was really epic!


The least we can say is that 2017 was an apocalyptic year of wirldfires in the USA, especially for California. While the Thomas Fire continues its devastation across Ventura County, it also enters the record tables of one of the most destructive wildfires in California history. Just to have a clear overview, here are the most destructive fires in California history based on number of structure damaged:

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What are the 10 most destructive wildfires in California? By Josh Edelson / AFP / Getty via ABC News

1. TUBBS FIRE in Sonoma County, October 2017
Structures damaged: 5,643
Acres burned: 36,807
Deaths: 22

2. TUNNEL FIRE in Alameda County, October 1991
Structures damaged: 2,900
Acres burned: 1,600
Deaths: 25

3. CEDAR FIRE in San Diego County, October 2003
Structures damaged: 2,820
Acres burned: 273,246
Deaths: 15

4. VALLEY FIRE across Lake, Napa & Sonoma County), September 2015
Structures damaged: 1,955
Acres burned: 76,067
Deaths: 4

5. WITCH FIRE in San Diego County, October 2007
Structures damaged: 1,650
Acres burned: 197,990
Deaths: 2

6. NUNS FIRE in Sonoma County, October 2017
Structures damaged: 1,355
Acres burned: 54,382
Deaths: 1

7. OLD FIRE in San Bernardino County, October 2003
Structures damaged: 1,003
Acres burned: 91,281
Deaths: 6

8. JONES FIRE in Shasta County, October 1999
Structures damaged: 954
Acres burned: 26,200
Deaths: 1

9. BUTTE FIRE across Amador & Calaveras County, September 2015
Structures damaged: 921
Acres burned: 70,868
Deaths: 2

10. THOMAS FIRE in Ventura County, December 2017
Structures damaged: At least 790
Acres burned: At least 230,000
Deaths: 1

Out of these 10 most destructive wildfires, 3 happened in 2017 (1st place, 6th place and 10th place but still burning). 2017 is really weird!

Meanwhile, the danger is now spreading to the Texas Panhandle in high to extreme wildfire danger. North East Texas is in high to very high wildfire danger.

In South Dakota, evacuations were ordered for LH Road, Downen Road and some Lame Johnny areas and pre-evacuation warnings for the towns of Fairburn and Buffalo Gap east of Highway 79.

Be ready if a wildfire starts in your area!

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  1. The way the houses burn, the brush, the ground, gives the impression that in addition to laser beams and haarp radiation, there are many carbides (gasoline, alcohol, gas … others) in the middle.

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