Two more massive wave anomalies connected to Antarctica captured by weather radars


Two more massive anomalies have been picked up on MIMIC Map on December 8, 2017. Both strange anomalies seem to stretch down toward Antarctica.

One mysterious wave found by Dahboo777 cuts through an area that has seen an influx of concentrated quake activity around the Philippines region and Indonesia. The other anomaly stretches from the western coast of Africa down toward Antarctica.

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strange wave anomaly recorded from Antarctica in December 2017. via Youtube video

Here some more reports of these mysterious wave anomalies starting from or reaching Antarctica. Any ideas what it could be?

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  1. – it’s rendering artifact. Like many weather-observation satellites, they follow a sinusoidal track projected on the globe. The render-correction-fill algorithm was having trouble with the data in one pass. It’s just math, not anomalous world-blasting EM weapons.

  2. In the South Pole there is an American HAARP military station that is transmitting signals to the terrestrial atmosphere, changing atmospheric weather in an extreme way, which is what we are seeing and others; they are living it in their own bodies these days.

    In the photo you can see that there is a huge and very long HAARP signal from many Megawatts transmitted to the Congo, Gabon and Cameroon areas, simply to produce floods in those areas where there never were before.

    One Photo of Africa. Please zoom in on the map with the magnifying glass.

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