Is there a moral obligation for high-income countries to take in refugees?


There is hardly no single days without news reports surfacing about the terrifying situation in which refugees find themselves off the shores or borders of so-called first world countries. Motivated by hopes for a better life and pressured by military havoc at home their chances of acceptance are dim.

refugees problematic, refugees problematic world
People need to help refugees but also fear refugees. So what the heck do we have to do?

At the same time many citizens are skeptical and increasingly vocal in their call on politicians to enforce stricter border controls and faster repatriation procedures. Indeed, some countries are already building walls or detention camps and enforce stricter maritime and migration controls.

Despite the wealth of OECD countries there is apparent unease with accepting more refugees from active conflict areas, such as Syria or Yemen.

Is there a moral obligation for high-income countries to take in refugees, and one that is higher than any obligation that less wealthy countries have?

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