M6.1 earthquake hits near South Magnetic Pole and Antarctica


A shallow M6.1 earthquake hit near the South Magnetic Pole and Antarctica on February 27, 2018.

A M6.1 earthquake hit near the south magnetic pole on February 27 2018, M6.1 earthquake hits south magnetic pole february 28 2018
A M6.1 earthquake hit near the south magnetic pole on February 27 2018. via USGS

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via USGS


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  2. Today, USGS earthquake map with all magnitudes has 1 explosion at
    40.242°N 118.132°W. Depth is only 1.3km. Magnitude is 1.8. There is a huge gold mines (Coeur rochester mine site) near the explosion, but this was not a mine blast tremor. As I mentioned before, mine = reptilian (=shadow government) secret underground base. It looks like around this area, there are so many development of mines (=secret underground bases). There is an article about this area. More info: Terraco Gold Richard (Rick) Mills Ahead of the Herd

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