Earth wide open in Peru: 60 families evacuated as giant cracks completely perforate the region of Cuzco


This is terrifying! Yes, the residents of Lluto, a small community located in the province of Chumbivilcas, department of Cusco, Peru, is literally cracking up, with dozens of huge and growing cracks in the ground swallowing up houses, fields and probably soon people.

The fissures expand everyday, leaving always less place for inhabitants to live around. 60 families have already been evacuated… And the rest of the population is living on high alert.

Hundreds of residents of the rural community of Lluto in Chumbivilcas – Cusco are living on high alert after a dramatic landslide cracked the entire landscape and village, destroying several homes and threatening fields and the life of dozens of residents.

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More than 53 cracks slowly destroy a small village in Peru.

The cracks and ground movement have already started in 2012 in the region, however, in recent weeks, the situation has become too dangerous, with villagers evacuating homes and seeking refuge in other settlements further away.

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The giant cracks were created by a landslide that started back in 2012, but the situation has evolved so bad that 60 families have been evacuated so far on March 2, 2018.

On March 2, 2018, a new landslide occurred around 3 am and caused the collapse of 37 homes, the health center of the city, a stretch of 300 meters of road and threatens to destroy a primary and secondary school.

giant cracks cuzco peru, cuzco peru landslide, giant crack cuzco peru march 2018 pictures video
The growing fissures in the Earth and the ground instability are due to earthquakes and high rainfall in the recent month.

There are now at least 53 large cracks – due to earthquakes and heavy rains – destabilizing the ground in the region.

The fissures have weakened infrastructures and several homes have collapsed or have cracks in the walls.

Officials have now put the region under investigation and an emergency plan has been deployed to help the victims of the dramatic geological phenomenon. [Panamericana]

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  8. The cracks were cause by heavy rains displacing soil and causing the cracks. The area in question is at the base of a mountain and has numerous stream beds that run downhill. There is no mystery here, just the normal effects of heavy rain on loose soil in a mountainous region.

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