I bet you haven’t seen anything like this yet. Look a horseshoe cloud!


This is one of the rarest clouds ever. And it was captured over Battle Mountain, Nevada, USA on 8 March 2018. It’s called a horseshoe cloud for obvious reasons. An unusual phenomenon called “cloud-moustache” or “vortex horseshoe” was photographed on March 8 in Nevada, USA. It occurs when vertically floating air collides with a horizontal vortex. Or when an arch to another dimension opens up in the sky. Pictures captured by Christy Grimes

strange sky phenomenon vortex horseshoe, A cloud moustache or vortex horseshoe over Nevada, A cloud moustache or vortex horseshoe nevada march 2018
A cloud moustache or vortex horseshoe over Nevada. By Chrity Grimes

Here’s what happens

An updraft pushes flattish cumulus clouds up and a horizontal vortex develops from differential updraft speeds. As the vortex climbs, it gets caught in the faster horizontal winds aloft, and the middle part of the vortex catches the faster speeds with the ends being slower. The result is that the center of the vortex pulls out ahead. Various time lapses can be found online.

Well I guess!

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