So far in 2018, the sun has been blank for 37 days or for more than half of the time! A never seen phenomenon since 10 years


The sun is blank… And it shouldn’t change as we near solar minimum at great speed. Sunspots are becoming scarce. So far in 2018, the sun has been blank – without sunspots – for 37 days. That’s more than half of the time. The last time the sun was blank more than 50% of the time was in 2009, near the end of the deepest Solar Minimum of the Space Age.

sun is blank, solar minimum, sun blank march 2018
The sun was blank on March 11, 2018. via Space Weather

Periods of spotlessness are a normal part of the 11-year solar cycle. However, the current Solar Minimum may be remarkable as the ambient solar wind and its magnetic field are weakening to low levels never before seen in the Space Age.

The flagging pressure of the solar wind, in turn, is allowing more cosmic rays to penetrate the solar system.

These rays are being detected not only by NASA spacecraft in the Earth-Moon system, but also by space weather balloons in Earth’s atmosphere. And the cosmic ray radiation hitting Earth seems to intensify and getting worse.

Now the sun is entering a new Solar Minimum, and it is shaping up to be even deeper than before. Be prepared!

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  1. look very close no sun spots means the earth will cool about 10.000 year cycles the earth will cool look for yourself N.A.S.A. even said that so by 2020 we could be in the start a new ICE AGE I not saying it will but globe it not getting hot look it up for youeself

  2. WOW! What a time to live in I wander about the day going through the normal routine. They average person are always on there smarty phones messing with stuff that isn’t all that important. Some of the top Russian Solar Astrophysicists are and have been warning of a 6 to 13 solar energy output decline from our home star .So that means at the bare minimum 30 years of cooling then 30 years to get back up to where we were in the 1900 ‘s. I saw a report from the island of Ballwiwck of Jersey off the coast of Normandy France that there White potato winter yield crop was down 40 from normal or the year before? It’s bad enough everyone is bickering of political ideologies all over the world. Wait until the FOOD PRODUCTION becomes unstable then folks will have to sacrifice luxury items to eat well. That will be a dragging weight on all of the different economies of our world. The high quality canned Sardines were the same price for over five years. Then 2 years ago it jumped by 2 cents, as of February of 2018 it went up 16 cents ! That’s a eight fold increase in less than half of the time of the first increase! !!! A food item that is not seafood has gone from up In price by $2.55 a nearly 45% increase in price. U better hope the Food has the same nutrient value inside of it.

    • Wow that is very interesting stuff! I also noticed price increase of some goods, especially sweets in my country. 10-15 years ago, average chocolate was about 0,5 euro, some were 0,6 euro and it was already expensive. Now it is 0,75-1 euro. Mentos were 0,25 euro, now are 0,5-0,7 euro. Other things the same. Theoretically our GDP per capita increased by 1/3, but purchasing power decreased a bit and more and more people are feared about afford the most basic things! So where is the progress and growing welfare, repeated like mantra by politicians and others huh? This is a myth.

      If we add to all this insane destruction of forests (caused sometimes by pure idiotism), humans can really kill the planet, eat to death. In Poland, current leading party (most idiotic and sick government ever) gave a special permission to cut trees and forests everywhere. Even national parks are being destroyed and cut to the bare soil! Trees are being exterminated everywhere – under blocks, stadiums, playgrounds, churches, in parks, streets, roads and even private backyards. And why? Just because law allows it! This is unbeliveable, that humans are able to destroy such good things just because they can, with no rational reasons! When asked they just answer “I don`t know why, just because”, “They were ugly and unsightly”, “They were disturbing”. Unbeliveable!

      Sometimes I belive that some people really want to destroy environment as much as possible and make entire life a horror for all. And now during such solar minimum they have real field to show off.

    • 2008 was very interesting, with some events heralding what will happen in 2012 and after. There started first strange sounds and other signs, once I found a video about strange clouds in 14th October 2008, and if you type “14th october 2008” on YouTube there will be many videos with many channelings etc. There was of course some financial crisis and Russia-Georgia war.

      That time I felt that something interesting is going to happen and I will receive some superpowers and free from something. But I had also thoughts and visions of gruesome dark times, Orwellian totalitarian NWO, cities-prisons, punishments for nothing, chipped people etc and all this in darkness, dullness and bad weather. And there were thoughts that “Salvation will come in the darkest, blackes moments and unexpectedly”. Well, we shall see the truth…

  3. The sun is now calm, without sunspots. Solar cycle 24 is over; Specifically in October 2016 they went off.
    Now we have to wait another 11 or 12 years, so that another solar cycle will return which this time will be the 25th. Before this, on planet earth, everything can happen. The low bands in Short Wave (HF), (15, 12, 10, 6) Meters are literally dead. There is no propagation for about 8 or 10 years. Before it gives time to die, or to get married, or just do other things while we get old.

    • October 2016… It is when the whole world was engulfed by massive depression and hopeless feeling of nonsense. It still remains, with some breaks. Things really worthy to call a Great Tribulation.

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