State of Emergency declared as Florida prepares for potentially ‘DEVASTATING’ impact from Michael


With a potential hurricane threatening the state, Florida Gov. Rick Scott declared a state of emergency Sunday for 26 counties in the Panhandle and Big Bend coastal region of northern Florida. “This storm will be life-threatening and extremely dangerous,” Scott said in a statement after an Emergency Operations Center briefing.

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State of emergency declared in Florida as Hurricane Michael is heading toward the State.

Our state understands how serious tropical weather is and how devastating any hurricane or tropical storm can be,” said Scott. “As we continue to monitor this storm’s path toward Florida, it is critically important that our communities have every available resource to keep everyone safe.”

By Wednesday, Tropical Storm Michael could become a hurricane as it approaches the northern Gulf Coast. The storm could sweep across much of North Florida to the East Coast.

The storm could cause rip tides and other dangerous surf conditions along Florida’s West Coast and Panhandle as early as Monday, the Florida Division of Emergency Management said.

You can not hide from storm surge, so get prepared and get out if evacuations are ordered,” said Florida’s governor.

Interests in the Florida Panhandle should begin preparations and continue them into Tuesday morning,” said meteorologist Christopher Dolce. “Hurricane conditions are possible in the region by Wednesday with damaging winds, dangerous storm surge, and heavy rain.

A news release from the governor’s office said declaring a state of emergency ensures that state and local governments have ample time, resources and flexibility to prepare for the storm.

If any Florida family doesn’t have an emergency preparedness plan, now is the time to act,” Scott said in the release. “Floridians also know just how quickly the path of a storm can change and that’s why we all must be vigilant and get prepared today. I encourage every Floridian to visit

Leon County Schools posted a tweet saying officials were monitoring the storm, but no decision had been made about closing schools on Wednesday.

The office of the mayor of Tallahassee said staffers would be contacting local nursing homes and assisted living facilities Sunday to share preparation plans.


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Weather – State of Emergency Declared as Florida Prepares for Potentially ‘Devastating’ Impact From Michael

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  1. A famous Reptilian Governor, Rick Scott has to prepare for the assault from Galactic Federation of Light disguising as a hurricane. Hurricane damage is coming where the swirl of low vibration (evil vibration) exists. Nice people are not affected by this hurricane because they are protected. Now is the cleansing karma days accumulated by those evil Reptilian entities. Those Reptilian entities have decided they will fight and continue their evil agenda (depopulation agenda) including spreading Chemtrails, forcing poisonous vaccines and adding poisons into our water and food until the End of the Time. Let’s see what kind of damage they suffer.

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