Evidence of extraterrestrial activity? Massive blue glow over NYC skyline sparks alien invasion theories


A transformer explosion lit up the night sky in New York City on Thursday, turning the skyline bright blue for a moment and frightening residents in the process. The fire broke out at a Con Edison plant in Queens at around 9 p.m.. There are no injuries reported. Anyone else did follow this alien invasion happening in Queens?

'No evidence of extraterrestrial activity' as massive blue glow reigns over NYC skyline, police say
‘No evidence of extraterrestrial activity’ as massive blue glow reigns over NYC skyline, police say… But a brief transformer explosion and fire. via Twitter

OMG! Why did the sky turned blue over Queens?

The lights you have seen throughout the city appear to have been from a transformer explosion at a Con Ed facility in Queens,” the NYPD announced in a Twitter post.

A subsequent NYPD tweet confirmed that the “incident in #Astoria [Queens] was result of transformer explosion. No injuries, no fire, no evidence of extraterrestrial activity.

What did happen?

Con Edison blamed the massive flash on a “brief electrical fire” at one of its substation in Astoria, just 5 miles northeast of the Empire State Building. The power supplier said it is evaluating power outages in surrounding areas and investigating the cause of the fire.

Nearby LaGuardia Airport grounded all flights for about 30 minutes in order to do an airport inspection, according to the FAA. An air traffic control tower at the airport was running on a generator as of late Thursday night and some terminals were without power, local and airline officials said.

Due to a power outage in Queens, there is partial flight operations @LGAairport,” airport officials said in a tweet. “Many flights are departing, some are not. Please check flight status with carrier.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said crews were working to fully restore power “as soon as possible,” but he did not offer a timeline.

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The sky turned bright blue over Queens on December 27, 2018, sparking fears of alien invasion in NYC. By Richard Dzina /ABC News

There are no active fires and no significant loss of power except to LaGuardia airport where crews are working to restore full power to the airport as soon as possible,” Cuomo said in a statement.

The blue flash could be seen from as far as Manhattan, across the East River from the airport, and some residents said it appeared to be daytime for a moment, according to multiple social media posts.

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  1. Mystery of the Blue Light in New York continues !! Another video with strange lights becomes viral

    Galactic Federation of Light (GFL) had cleaned up Reptilian Secret Underground Base in New York just under Con Edison Power Plant. The Earth has been controlled by Cannibal Reptilians for thousands of years. Now GFL is kicking them out of the Earth to the Prison Planet they belong.

  2. There are no Aliens/Extraterrestrial but there are Denons masquerading as Alien/Extraterrestrial….anyhow; I believe it’s the Blue Kachina, this object can cause power surges do to its strong electrmagnetic signature and also drastic weather phenomenon (i.e receding tides/missing water; sea quakes, tsunamis, fire-tornadoes etc.etc). Our government is spraying the skies to hide this object/planet. Webcams in Alaska have shutdown (like the solar observatory) because they are picking up this object/planet.

  3. Bullshit explanation. Has been debunked already, as the two light sources differ in color and the center of both light sources is located on different spots. Cover up to hide what’s up there.

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