STAY WELL BACK FROM THE OCEAN OR RISK CERTAIN DEATH: Largest wave event this season is headed on San Francisco and its Bay

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HIGH SURF WARNING continues in effect along the coast from Sonoma County through Monterey County 9 AM Sun to 9 PM Mon. STAY WELL BACK FROM THE OCEAN OR RISK CERTAIN DEATH.

A very large swell is headed toward San Francisco promising waves so big, so bawdy, that the National Weather Service, not known for poetic over-pronouncements, informed folk who live Sonoma and Monterey counties if they go to the beach between 9 am on Sunday and 9 am on Monday then they risk “certain death.”

These huge waves were captured from Hermosa Beach near Los Angeles, on December 17, 2018: 

So what does the NWS say:

The storms forecast to pummel the Bay Area this weekend—one Friday night and a second, much larger one anticipated Sunday—will bring a particularly dangerous element to San Francisco’s coastline, as the National Weather Service [NWS] warns of huge and potentially deadly waves.

This first video by Charles Lang shows gigantic waves in the  Bodega Bay region north of San Francisco 12/17/18:

NWS is predicting a “very large west-northwest swell late [in the] weekend.” 

high surf warning san francisco storm, huge waves san francisco, huge wave san francisco bay, deadly waves california december 16 2018
A High Surf Warning has been issued along the coast from Sonoma County through Monterey County from 9 AM Sunday to 9 PM Monday. A High Surf Warning indicates that dangerous, life threatening waves will impact the shoreline. It is advised that people remain off of and away from the shoreline during this event. Very long period forerunner waves will arrive through the day Sunday and will bring a significantly increased risk of rip currents and sneaker waves to the coast. The largest waves are then forecast to arrive Sunday night through Monday morning, with peak swells of 17 to 21 ft at 19 to 21 seconds expected. Large breaking waves of 25 to 40 ft will be possible at west and northwest facing locations, with up to or exceeding 50 ft possible at favored break points along the coast. These large waves along the coast will lead to increased wave run-up on beaches with waves topping and washing over large rocks and jetties. Use extreme caution near the surf zone as these large waves will be capable of sweeping people into the frigid and turbulent ocean water. via NWS

The NWS forecast warns that this weekend will be the “largest wave event this season” on SF shores, with “large breaking waves” ranging from 25 to 50 feet in height, or even exceeding that in “favored locations.

Although the promise of monster waves may sound attractive to surfers, it is wisest to stay away from beaches during such a storm.

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  4. Natural Disaster Information Blackout? I cannot find any images or videos about the damages from the Cyclone Owen. I also cannot find the images or videos about this huge waves hitting California coast. I do not see new video on End Times Signs Youtube Channel for more than a month. Is he OK? Many of the Youtube channels about natural disasters do not have new update for a while.

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    • King5 weather local Seattle, WA news channel had some info and Only thornews on YouTube/Facebook posting about it. I also looked everywhere.

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