Mysterious “blips” seen recently over South Florida and other parts of the country baffle weather specialists


Mysterious “blips” seen recently over South Florida and other parts of the country have confounded those trying to figure it out, while enthralling those who believe aliens are out there.

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Has the invasion begun? Mysterious blips appear over South Florida, US… Or was it chaff covering US army secret missions?

Back in December, weather radars showed odd blips near the Florida Keys and Miami. The same images were seen on radar over parts of Illinois and Kentucky.

Even specialists working at the National Weather Service were left baffled as there was no rain in the area.

What about CHAFF?

It was originally confirmed that chaff was responsible for the images in Kentucky. Chaff is radar-jamming material often used by the military.

But there was no explanatioin given for the images in South Florida, or those also seen in Maine at the same time. Chaff was ruled out in Maine by one source due to the National Guard stationed in the area not using aircraft that can release the material.

Of course, military operations occur frequently all around Miami-Dade and Monroe counties, so that’s the likely answer.


Well some believe the military have nothing to do with the images. “We believe there is more to the story than what the FAA and military and publications… …are telling us,” someone from the Mutual UFO Network wrote the Courier & Press.

Is it time to call Mulder and Scully?

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