A seismic swarm is in progress between southern Cascadia and northern San Andreas Faults since yesterday afternoon, with four shallow quakes – M4.5, M3.4, M4.1, M3.7 – in two hours west of Petrolia, California. A fifth M2.8 very shallow earthquake struck the same area a few hours later.

earthquake swarm petrolia, earthquake swarm petrolia cascadia, earthquake swarm petrolia san andreas, earthquake swarm petrolia february 3 2019
Map of earthquake and fault lines near Petrolia. Via Tremblor

According to Tremblor’s map, the 5 earthquakes occurred on a right-lateral reverse fault that connects the San Andreas-Mendocino Fracture Zone with the shallow portion of the Cascadia Subduction Zone.

It is in this region that the two fastest-slipping faults in the western U.S. join, or nearly join. It is also where both the San Andreas and Cascadia Faults bend, meaning that the crust is being crushed, distorted, and fractured here.

earthquake swarm petrolia, earthquake swarm petrolia cascadia, earthquake swarm petrolia san andreas, earthquake swarm petrolia february 3 2019
USGS map of the earthquakes that hit off Petrolia on the Cascadia and San Andreas fault lines.

What this event means for the Cascadia and San Andreas Faults is unknown. We however know that both faults are overdue for a cataclysmic earthquake. Cascadia by more than 30 years and San Andreas by more than 40 years.

Managing earthquake risk requires a resilient system of social awareness, education and communications, coupled with effective short- and long-term responses and implemented within an optimally safe built environment.

As California prepares for large earthquakes after a hiatus of more than a century, the clock is ticking. Yes, get ready and be prepared the the next Big Ones!

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  1. Hey, quite a story on the San Andreas and Cascadia faults. Makes me wonder when California is going to go sliding into the ocean.

  2. Do you have any references or sources to back this information? I did some research and cannot find anything to collaborate your story.

    • Hi,

      I always put the source at the end of the article. If you follow the links you will also find some information at the end of the articles or within the articles.


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  4. According to the weather forecast, we are going to have high temperature 75 and the low temperature 64 tomorrow here in Tuscumbia Alabama. This is crazy temperature fluctuation after the coldest temperature we had recently. Is this a kind of effect from the rotational change of the Earth (wobbling up and down) because of the Polar Shift and Axis Shift?

    Recent years, we have so many rainy days. It looks like here is going to be a rain forest. It looks already a rain forest with so much moss on trees. Many trees fell down or split in half and died because of climate change.


  5. M1.4 tremor in the heart of the downtown Seattle with depth of 24.3 km. This should be the result of the Reptilian Secret Underground Base cleaning up operation by Galactic Federation of Light.

    The epicenter on Google Map Just beside of the Westin Hotel

    I went several time around there because there was Japanese consulate there. The epicenter was the heart of the downtown Seattle.


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