Powerful M7.5 earthquake hits Ecuador near Peru border – Felt in Ecuador, Peru and Colombia


A major M7.5 earthquake hit 115km ESE of Palora, Ecuador at 10:17 (UTC) on February 22, 2019 and at a depth of 132 km. The quake was felt over very large distances – from Ecuador to Peru and Colombia. No reports of injuries, death or heavy damage, yet. Thankfully, the epicenter of the quake was very deep!

The quake was first measured at M7.6 before being downgraded to M7.5:

3 major aftershocks have been reported within 30 minutes af the first quake:

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center (PTWC) has not issued any alerts. 

Former Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa was among the first to speak out after the announcements and explained on Twitter that the quake hit in an “apparently” depopulated area . “I hope it does not have serious consequences,” he wrote.

Here other videos captured at the exact moment the Ecuador terremoto hit:

The earthquake even shook southern Colombia:

Here a map of the powerful earthquake in Ecuador on February 22, 2019

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Powerful M7.5 earthquake hits Ecuador near border with Peru. Tremors felt over hundreds of kilometers. Map USGS


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