Winter Storm Maya: Weather forecasters predict this may be a storm unlike one we’ve seen in many years in Washington and the Pacific Northwest – STATE OF EMERGENCY declared


Seattle and other parts of Washington and the Pacific Northwest felt the full wrath of Winter Storm Maya as heavy snow fell Friday. In Washington, Gov. Jay Inslee declared a state of emergency as conditions worsened Friday afternoon.

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Winter storm Maya brings chaos to Washington and Oregon in February 2019.

Weather forecasters predict this may be a storm unlike one we’ve seen in many years,” the governor said in the release.

For hours, heavy snow fell Friday on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula and in the higher terrain elsewhere. Along the Olympic Peninsula, towns that hardly see a few inches of accumulating snow per season picked up a foot or more in one day.

Flakes begin to fall in the Seattle metro area about 1:30 p.m. local time. As the snow increased in intensity, traffic slowed to a crawl.

Many businesses and schools, including the Seattle, Tacoma and Edmonds school districts, decided to close early Friday in advance of the snow.

East of Tacoma, a woman fell through the ice on a pond while walking her dog in the city of Edgewood Friday afternoon. Emergency crews responded to the scene and pulled her to safety, the report added.

Emergency shelters for the homeless were prepared in Seattle and surrounding King County on Friday.

This is an extreme weather event, and offering shelter is the most important thing we can do right now,” said Will Lemke, spokesman for the Seattle Human Services Department. “Public health and safety concerns remain, but life safety is our primary concern as temperatures plunge and snow falls.

The storm also had already made an impact on air travel. More than 200 flights into and out of Seattle-Tacoma International Airport were canceled on Friday. Nearly 100 flights scheduled for Saturday also were canceled.

To the south, residents in Portland packed supermarkets to grab supplies before the snowstorm arrived, and schools canceled weekend activities.

If it comes in like it’s supposed to, it’s going to be quite the storm,” Portland Bureau of Transportation spokesman John Brady told the Oregonian.

It’s not too often all of Oregon is under a Winter Wx Advisory or a Winter Storm Warning at the same time. It could end up not being the last time either in the next week.

Maya will head to the Plains and Midwest Monday, where heavy snow is expected to accumulate across the northern Plains and upper Midwest. The interior Northeast could experience heavy snow on Tuesday as the winter storm completes its cross-country trek.

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  1. We are in Portland, Or. we live up in the hills, and we just considered it a light dusting. Yesterday, the Winter Emergency Advisory came on. So, we decided to go to the store, just for extra coffee and cream and it was so funny it was like a massive panic had ensued, and the shelves were empty, The produce section shelves all empty. One lonely banana muffin was left in the bakery case, The store clerk laughed, and said” no snow has fallen yet, but the mass hysteria caused people to storm the store.” I guess better safe, than sorry. I’ve always assumed people have at least a months worth of emergency food at home and firewood if needed

  2. Roxanne, I am not far from you and we are doing the same. I have a good group of aware and awake people. Feel free to contact the admin for my email. Would love to connect. My husband and I had a booth at the Puyallup farmers market spring/summer/fall this past season to Awaken people. AWESOME response all season… please search 100% verifiable

    I am grateful for this site posting much of Danes material. We must awaken the masses, time is not on our side.

  3. To all the people living through these events, I hope you all keep well and stay safe. It is critical that we dissolve our ego issues and align our perception with the truth via complete objective research so we may pull ourselves out of these deceptive weather anomolies that are costing our planets ability to support life. CLIMATE ENGINEERING and the halting of it should be our primary objective. is the most reliable data base of information you may find. How do we know this? The information published can be verified upon further investigation and this is how we differentiate fact from fiction.

    Sezer From Melbourne, Australia

  4. Just average snowstorm for Chicago. It’ll be fun when we get it next. We don’t empty store shelves. Having at least a month of food in pantry helps get through a few days of digging out.

  5. I live in Federal Way Washington, which is just as bad as Seattle. We got 7 inches of snow. I have lived here for 50 years, and yes every few years we get a snow event. This time, even I was stunned at the behavior of people. I witnessed two women actually having a screaming fight over the last bunch of celery.
    This area was taken over by the crazies liberals since the late 80″s. Don’t get me started on our Governor. This is a snow event, if something really major happened most people have NO CLUE and are NOT PREPARED. I put my house on the market last July. I JUST WANT OUT OF HERE.

  6. The power structure/ swamp PTB continue to push the limits with wind, temps, solar dimming , and masses will brag about how pretty this is, or will help with droughts NOT realizing the toxic chemicals in this heavy, wet “snow”. The crops, orchards, and all will be harmed and further confused. Weather whiplash happens when sudden warming> all to confuse nature and most who refuse to investigate beyond fake news. Must see all easily explained on Dane Wigington site per Kathy. The soil and water lab samples have this proof , as do film footage, and photos. Government keeps saying climate engineering is some back pocket option . More lies. We are being experimented globally with NO consent!

  7. I grew up in Seattle when it might snow once in ten years, back when the area was a pleasant place to live and raise a family, before the gridlock and the liberals took over. Got out more than ten years ago, with no regrets. I’m enjoying the fishwrapper stories about “bare shelves”, where the first thing to go is liquor. And I’m betting the Seattle City Council still hasn’t ponied up the money for snow removal equipment. Practical needs conflict with their social engineering agenda. San Francisco North. Enjoy!!

  8. Agreed Mr. Walker. I too live within the lost city right near the 14 year old girl. HOWEVER, the elephant in the room is never part of the equation. 70 years plus of CLIMATE ENGINEERING is wreaking havac all across the globe from record wildfires to Patented engineered winters called Chemical Ice nucleation. Dane holds the largest repository website on this issue. All Hard facts and data. PLEASE investigate, we have seen nothing yet.
    Geoengineered Winter, 2019

  9. More sensationalism at best, We live in North Puget Sound. 40 Miles North of the Failed City Seattle. We awoke this fine Saturday morning to 4 inches of snow. They said we would have 6 to 9 inches on this round of so called SNOW-Paco-clips. Behold, much trickery. We had 9 inches of Snow 5 days ago when they (fake Meteorologist) foretasted only 4 inches. Everything is bas ackwards. All these clowns do is create panic buying. Yesterday, I witnessed long lines of people out the door, around the block, all waiting for buying ice melt. America is Lost.

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