Some Ohio farmers won’t plant crops at all


The constant rains this spring are leaving some Ohio farmers wondering whether they’ll be able to plant any crops this year.

Just one-third of Ohio’s corn crop had been planted as of a week ago. In normal years, farmers in the state would have nearly all of their corn fields planted.

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US farming season disaster 2019: Some Ohio farmers won’t plant crops at all because of rain. Picture via Youtube video

Soybean planting also is way behind because of the wet weather.

U.S. Department of Agriculture statistics show that only Indiana is farther off the pace than Ohio when it comes to the delays in planting.

The Ohio Farm Bureau Federation tells The Blade newspaper that farmers in the northwestern part of the state have been hit the hardest.

The farm bureau says it’s the worst planting season since it started tracking planting progress in the 1970s.


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  1. In Revelation 6 verse six the book of revelations speaks of famine and other plagues and strike fear into the hearts of the people. The one thing that always puzzled me in chapter 6 verse six it states a measure of weight for Penny and three measures of barley for Penny and oil and wine hurt thou not; in Ohio we’ve had rain just about every other day. The trees the plants grow quickly in great abundance but the farmers fields so muddy that they cannot even plant. Now the verse about the the wine and the oil being protected makes sense to me. The vineyards and the olive trees are already planted.

  2. YOU ARE SO RIGHT DAN FROM OHIO.!!!! Every one who is reading this –say a prayer that these attacks will end soon. Our farmers and ranchers need all the help they can get..!!!

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