Apocalyptic Tsunami in the Sky Forms After Collision of 2 Supercell Thunderstorms Over Nebraska


I bet you’ve never seen a tsunami in the sky!

Well look at the pictures below, they will blow your mind!

The following pictures by Mike Hollingstead show how the collision of two supercell thunderstorms resulted in the formation of this enormous “wave in the sky” storm front. And it’s going to blow you away.

This is possibly the most epic sight on the whole Earth.

The giant wave engulfed the sky for 40 straight minutes, from 10:35 to 11:15 pm.

These amazing pictures of taht giant wave supercell is the result of a collision between two storm fronts on June 19, 2011 in Nebraska.

Pictures were taken by storm chaser Mike Hollingstead from Extreme Instability.

But this time, no city appeared behind the clouds… But just a small tornado:

Have you ever experienced something so powerful? Maybe, but only on this blog 😉

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