5 Amazing Finds After Hurricane Dorian on US Beaches: Civil War Cannonballs, Cocaine, Megalodon Teeth, Human Ashes and Rare Shells


Hurricane Dorian devastated the Bahamas, flooded parts of the US East Coast and submerged islands in Canada.

The treasure trove of ocean artifacts washing up on the beach is one of the few good things to say about hurricanes. Here we present a compilation of 5 unexpected things that Dorian helped to find:

5 amazing finds after Hurricane Dorian on US beaches: Civil War cannonballs, cocaine, megalodon teeth, human ashes in bottle and rare shells.
5 amazing finds after Hurricane Dorian on US beaches: Civil War cannonballs, cocaine, megalodon teeth, human ashes in bottle and rare shells. Picture of a Megalodon tooth found on Myrtle Beach, SC. via Imgur

Hurricane Dorian Reveals Civil War Cannonball Buried in SC Beach

A couple in Folly Beach, SC located a Civil War-era cannonball that was revealed by the waves and rain brought on by Hurricane Dorian.

According to reports, 16 other cannonballs were unearthed following Hurricane Matthew in 2016.

16 Bricks Of Cocaine Wash Up On Florida’s Beaches During Hurricane Dorian

According to local law enforcement, there have been at least two reports of cocaine being washed ashore in the aftermath of the hurricane, the first in Melbourne’s Paradise Beach Park.

At 8am local time, an officer on foot patrol was informed of a suspicious package by a beachgoer. Testing later confirmed the substance was cocaine and police now plan to dispose of the kilo, a spokesperson has said.

Then, further north, in Cocoa Beach, officers were alerted to an abandoned duffel bag that had been beached in the storms. Inside the bag, law enforcement found 15 bricks of cocaine, which have now been handed to the United States Custom and Border Protection. 

It’s a large haul,’ Sergeant Manny Hernandez told NBC News.

Megalodon Teeth Discovered on Myrtle Beach, SC

This guy found a fossilized megalodon shark tooth at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, on September 8, 2019. 

and here in Virginia:

I decided to do a little exploring after Hurricane Dorian…this is what I found!!! [Virginia] from r/pics

An awesome find!

Bottle With Human Ashes and Odd Notes

One of the strangest debris may have been found in Georgia, where a woman reported finding a bottle of human ashes, with a very strange note tucked inside:

Please don’t open me, my ashes are on a journey. I started at Cumberland Island, so if you see me ashore, please snap a picture, email it & throw me back so I can travel some more.

The note was signed: Nancy Gantt Swanson.

Rare Shells Wash Up on Beach After Dorian

A woman found very rare and beautiful sea shells on a Florida Beach. Sea beans drift over from Africa and other locations and can be floating in the Atlantic Ocean for years before making landfall.

As hurricane Dorian came by our coast, many of the winds were north heading south. But because of the Earth’s rotation, the net transport of water from Dorian would have been towards the beach, and that would bring things that are floating to land on the beach,” Johnson said.

Of the different sea bean varieties, the small white ones known to locals as “sea pearls” are the most rare and Mattingly’s favorite.  

Old cannonballs, cocaine, megalodon tooth, bottle with human ashes and its strange note, and some ancient artifacts… It’s just amazing what Hurricane Dorian unusually large waves dislodged out there.

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