5 Strange Sounds No One Can Explain


Some of the strangest sounds in the world. But no one knows what causes them.

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  1. i heard trumpets in the sky when i was about 7? and my uncle went to go check it out after when he came in he had a bloody nose. my grandma thinks its from god signaling that he would be coming back to earth

  2. I wonder if #1 is tge earth screaming because we are the earth's cancer slowly killing everything in our path including the Earth itself…. I mean think about it we kill each other animals insects plants forests with everything in it and slowly the Earth itself…
    This is why I believe we are the cancer of the planet as of right now.. I see Humans But No Humanity

  3. I know what those sounds mean its the trumpets to begin the End Of The World one more trumpet needs to be blown so the end of the world will Begin so yea God and jesus are near. Pray for protection or youll witness the disaters and who ever survies will suver pain cause hell will open up and satan will punise and make people suffer for there bad doings so pray or else this is a warning and your only warning

  4. The 1st sound is explainable… have you ever been near a huge ship and heard how the steel grinds and flexes? Well most of those are (I strongly believe) are ships in the sky that I dreamt of 35 years ago.. these HUGE city like “craft” just hovering high up in the sky and I belthese are the “trumpets” prophesied about in Revelation.. that’s what I believe is a major possibility


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