Beyond 3,000 Victims in the Bahamas After Dorian


Officially, Hurrican Dorian only killed 43 people after slamming the Bahamas.

However, observers on the ground say that more than 3,000 residents may have perished on Grand Bahamas and Abaco Islands.

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More than 3,000 victims in the Bahamas after Dorian devastation. Picture: Brendan Smialowski / Getty images

Like in almost every dramatic natural disaster, officials are covering up the real number of fatalities. They don’t want you to know that they aren’t ready to face such alarming situations.

According to local sources, the guidelines for the management of a Natural Disaster have never been followed by the governement.

Moreover, airborne diseases, no proper sanitation and mounds of garbage litter the streets of two major cities in The Bahamas. So there are serious troubles ahead.

But who is going to take charge?

Facts however show that the government has sent 200 body bags on Tuesday, and 600 more were sent on Thrusday.

Additionally, an helpline has finally been set up to enable family members to report missing people and/or friends. By the way, the number is: 323-1877.

In East End Grand Bahama some 73 people are still missing. Same in Mclain’s Town, Pelican Bay, and High Rock.

In the Mudd and Pea in Abaco alone, the number could swell to over 3,000 alone as residents in that lowland area have never had the chance to evacuate as floodwaters washed away their homes during the storm.

There will be many more dead people found after Dorian impacted the Bahamas. That’s for sure! And officials will probably stay at a death toll below 50. And that’s non-sense!

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  1. I saw the videos they posted from the eye of the storm- there is no way they could survive the next hit.
    The one who didn’t drown, were blown away or had their hoses cave in on them.

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