Dichlor Leak Triggers Businesses Evacuation in Chandler, Arizona


Several businesses in Chandler have been evacuated after a Dichlor leak.

The Chandler Fire Department says Dichlor is a type of chlorine used to service pools.

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Hazmat situation in Chandler, Arizona after Dichlor chemical leak.

A 1,500-pound container of the chemical cracked and is leaking near Arizona Avenue and Elliot Road.

Chandler fire says several businesses in the area have been evacuated because of the leak.

“Dichlor is 80 percent available chlorine and will off-gas,” according to AmericanPool.com. “This is a critical consideration when opening a container of dichlor.”

Chandler fire says anyone in the area is asked to stay indoors, and avoid the area until the leak is contained. Source

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