? Strange Humming Sound in the sky of Gothenburg, Sweden


This strange humming sound was captured in the sky of Gothenburg / Göteborg in Sweden.

The sounds were heard early morning and when it started, people started looking up, to the sky.

The uploader of the video has also captured other humming noises during his trip in Sweden.

Here a video captured near Jokkmokk, Sweden again:

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  1. Okay so i think it is real with the trumpets of god and all but also i think it would all sound at the same time everywhere and i think it's the governments trying to install fear into everyone

  2. I heard them in the year two thousand. It is warning us that the vegetation is dying. It is prophecy, and we are allowed to change prophecy. We can stop the terrible visions of the prophets. If we work together.

  3. Does anybody understand how massively huge God really is! Eventually we will all find out! His name is Jesus for those who don't know! Also when the trump of God sounds it'll probably shake the earth!


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