Great inspiration for your child’s name


Those parents gave a completely weird name to their daughter!

And what inspired their child’s name is crazy insane!

I can’t explain this at all. Dou you love that name? KVIIIlyn?

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  1. Too many crazy women out there….I had a girl in my town name her daughter “city” so she can call her “city girl”….instagram is a horrible thing, makes these stay at home moms fuckin nuts.

  2. Had a friend in school a long time about that I grew up with. His parents named him “Budweiser” and his middle name was “Anheuser”…was a great kid and good guy, but just hated the name. He was lucky that he did not get too much issues teasing with his name as the teachers could see that his name may cause issues. Shortly after his 16th birthday, he legally got his name changed to “Benjamin” and his middle name to “Andrews”. I never got the clear story on why his parents named him after a beer

  3. I knew a girl in highschool who had the last name Hymen. They named her Tara, so her name was Tara Hymen. As in Tear-a-Hymen.

    I wish I was making this up, but one of her friends ripped on her parent’s for naming her Tara, and she legitimately had no idea why it was hilariously fucked up of her parents to name her Tara. Cue the awkward birds and bees talk of explaining what a Hymen was to her, and you get how I almost broke some ribs holding in laughter that day.

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