She Opened Up a Yardsale Book and Photos of Hitler Fell Out


Who would expect this to happen when opening a book at a yardsale?

Yes, sometimes weird things fall out of a book: Hitler images with children and taking car of his look.

Hitler pictures fall out of a book at yardsale in USA
Hitler pictures fall out of a book at yardsale in USA.

Yes, she opened up a yardsale book and photos of Hitler fell out.

It probably tells you a lot about the prior owner of the book.

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  1. My husband’s grandfather recently passed and while we were going through his things I found a bunch of photos his grandfather personally took of Elvis Presley. His grandfather’s cousin (I think?) Ginger Alden had dated Elvis at some point and so his grandfather had met Elvis at a get together at least once. I was so excited when I found the photos but my husband was just like, meh. I nearly posted them on here but his grandfather at one point had a spat with Ginger after she’d written a book and used one of the photos he took on her cover so I thought that could cause some issues.

  2. Always quite sobering to be reminded that even the most heinous human beings in history are still just that: human beings. They can be nice and do good things, Like playing with kids or joking around with a camera crew.

    Like I remember this footage a while ago of Hitler flirting with Eva Braun and it’s like weirdly cute and shit.

    Fuckin bizarre to see. This is the dude that spearheaded one of the single worst atrocities in human history. Around 6 million Jews died in world war 2 according to google.

    And yet he could be nice to kids, a vegetarian and shit like that.

    Humans are very fucking strange. Complicated.

  3. Photos like this of Hitler are scarier than the ones you normally see. The make you realize that even though he was truly a terrible person, he and his supporters really were just humans like the rest of us. There could be a monster hiding behind the smile of people you know and see every day.

  4. When my great grandma passed away we had to go through all her belongings, and we found a picture of a woman with a swastika necklace on. Unlike all the other pics with writing of who they were this one was blank. She never mentioned anything about Germany or family over there during that time. My GG was born and raised here and helped during the war effort against Germany. No idea who the woman was.

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