Poor drinks


Poor drinks

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  1. Always so wholesome when you see humanity’s nobler, more selfless instincts come to the fore in a harrowing situation. Heart-warming. Maybe we are something more than mere glorified animals who always look out for #1.

  2. Working at the liquor store won’t make you rich and you get to see a lot of sad faces every day. You show up to your small, narrow place of work where you are assigned an even smaller, narrower, low wall, unprotected service pen. Days pass then years and the buzz of the florescent lights, the dry air from the rattling HVAC, the endless parade of gray faces, and the silent micro reflections staring back from the bottles coalesce into a blur where you discover you lost the bookmark you had in your life and you just fall into fate.

    Then one day you’re standing before another gray face doing the transaction dance and suddenly the script shreds and you find yourself under your little pen’s counter while the walls are swaying and the little reflections are exploding in the emergency lighting you know means shit just got real. You’re trying to keep your little life going and you’re thinking about everyone you care about and you just don’t want to be hurt and please let it end.

    Then you notice the gray face is beside you. You don’t really have time for all the “How do I feel about this person?” that is part of the background soundtrack of everyday life. The gray face isn’t reacting quickly and takes some hits. You know you should keep hiding possibly cramming as much of your shaking body under your little plywood shield as you can, but something inside you that’s bigger than the Universe overcomes your fear.

    The next thing you know your arm is shooting out to protect the head of the gray faced person and you’re dragging them under the shaking plywood counter that sometimes bends a little when someone buys for a big party. You’re both down there and everything is still shaking and the woman is panicking and the air is filled with the smell of alcohol and settling dust. The endless ghost world you had been living in for so long has been smashed and the shards and jagged pieces lie everywhere around you like a fallen zombie army.

    Somehow though you know you’re going to be OK. Somehow you know you will pick up the pieces, upright the fallen, clean, restock and in the not too distant future everything will be as it once was. Well, not everything. Specifically not you. Now you know the truth: you are strong. When challenged you didn’t just think of yourself. When real danger was crashing the world you thought of another. When you could have hid you reached out. When you could have protected just yourself you sought to protect and comfort the person shaking beside you.

    Now you smile at the gray faces. You try to say something pleasant to each and every one. The old you is gone. The new you sees every day as another chance to make a difference. The new you shines with confidence and hope. When the next challenge comes you’ll be ready.


    Edit: Thank you for the gold!

  3. I know it’s not the focus of the thread, but I think the clerk’s reaction to protect her fellow human being is so heartwarming. You could totally see how much she cares by the little actions she did, putting her arm over the ladies head and pulling her as far forward as possible when the stuff fell off the shelf and onto them. Was nice to see.

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