Strange Noises: Are they UFOs, thunder, HAARP or a hoax?


People have been filming “strange sounds” all over the world, but what are they? Suggestions include HAARP, UFOs and thunder.. Or are they a hoax? Report by Mark Morris. Like us on Facebook at and follow us on Twitter at

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  1. I have heard similar noises many times, and I think it is always at night, I thought it was a very powerful low flying helicopter of plane of some kind, that maybe they were hunting for marijuana perhaps, not sure that can even be done at night but it was my first thought, and I wondered if it was not that maybe they were doing some sort of surveillance, to the best of my memory it seemed to occur around 10 – 12 pm, I was always sitting on my couch in the living room, and I thought about getting up to try to see if I could see anything in the sky, but I remained setting because I walk with a cane and it is kinda hard to get up , and I have not heard them in many months now, but they were every bit as loud as this video, and they lasted several seconds, they did not go away soon, and anything that was that powerful should have been moving faster, that is why I thought of a helicopter, I I just stumbled onto this video today!!

  2. The problem with these sorts of things is that there are far too many "Fox Mulder" (X-Files) types out there who go by that whole "I want to believe" bullshit mentality. It's a downright anti-scientific mindset to have so those people become very hard to take seriously or trust in any way.

    If you hear a sound (or see something strange or whatever) your first thought shouldn't be "I bet it's aliens" or something nutty like that. If it is, you're just not scientifically minded. Your first thought should be something more along the lines of "What a strange sound, let me see if I can find out what that was." and you have to be willing to accept that you may not be able to find out what made the sound at all, and that's perfectly fine too. That doesn't mean that aliens, monsters, HAARP or other nonsense suddenly become valid explanations though, all it means is "I don't know".

  3. I heard this noise myself here in Virginia, United States. About 6 years ago if I remember right. I was mowing the lawn heard a loud boom and then what sounded like chanting like a war in the sky. To this day few people believe me or recall hearing it. Good to know others have too.


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