Strange sounds 2012 manitoba canada (the pas)


The trumpets have gone viral! :s

jesus christ. i get emails everytime a comment comes and don’t worry about the fucking dog! that is why creator put fur on him! he is designed for his surrondings and weather.
man the idiocy of animal lovers, man just listen to the damn video and leave ur two cents about the animal out of it.




Unreal doOode



  1. i know that it has somthing to do with earths magnetic field and you being up north in canada is closer to the magnetic field why a compass points north and and north the sun also plays a factor in this nothing to worry about happens every year somtime louder than others tho

  2. I've heard close to the same in Winnipeg starting in the Spring of 2011 on..Others heard also, only it was louder & harder to know or guess what it was.A lot who did NOT hear,made fun of it until they heard it once in January 2012. But it is so strange & loud it makes me wonder why only some people seem to hear it,not everyone??? I never think in time to record it. Had religious ppl ask if who heard it is destined to live or die Dec. 21.2012 or if it indicated who goes to heaven or hell lol!

  3. I've seen some pretty weird stuff over the years, but I've never heard anything like that for myself. It's very difficult, if not impossible, to prove anything relating to weird noises on a YouTube video, but the dog seems to be reacting to it. It's baffling to me as to why any intelligence would wish to create such a phenomenon.

  4. I havn't even heard a single reputable news station cover these sounds. It's all on youtube videos. I find that suspicious. When I die find a news video about the sounds, it is -always- people -talking- about it, and they never play it themselves.

    I find that suspicious.

  5. If this is fake than why did fucking CTV and other news agencies cover it? this shit was heard all over the world during that week. so clearly something was being heard.

    All you debunkers need to fuck off, i'm from the pas and I know other people from the pas that heard this shit as well.

  6. whats funny not once can you view my neighbours yards let alone their doors or the places as in i would stand. who the fuck wants to get dressed in -38 weather just for a noise.


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