Strange sounds and pictures recorded at Harwood Forest in Northumberland


A compilation of pictures and sounds recorded at Harwood Forest in Northumberland. Strange activity including strange animal sounds, wood knocks, tree breaks and wood structures, prints, sheep remains and other bones. Individually this evidence may not seem unusual but together it offers the tantilizing and compelling possibility that an undiscovered hominid, AKA The Wildman or Woodwose is living in the forests of Northumberland, North East England.



  1. Image what 1 of these could do to a human look what they do to the trees we dont stand a chance in a fight hell as fast as they are u would have to be a dam good shot to hit one with a bullet i ant going in the woods no more f that they can have the woods all to them self

  2. John mitchell County down
    Damien your video just reminded me of something
    That happened 35 more like 45 years ago.
    I was on my way home from An evening out shooting with my spanial
    It was just about dusk and was crossing a pice Of open ground Very remote
    Place this the ground was Well grazed by sheep so I could See for quite some
    Distance. In one corner of The ground there were three earth and rock mounds
    On top of these stood a single stone with a celtic cross carved into it Very old
    These were surrounded by hawthorn sometimes called fairythorn in this part
    Of The world. Anyway as I passed the mounds My dog lay on his belly and started
    To growl a very deep growl he looked straight ahead and turned Very slowly as if someone
    Or something was walking Past Now I could not See any movement animal human or otherwise
    I had to drag my dog a few yards Before he would walk properly even then he keep looking back
    With his tail tucked Between his legs growling as he went. I am not ashamed to say it took all my
    Will power not to break into a full on run for my car some two miles away. I am convinced he was
    Seeing something bearing in mind I had a clear view all round I could See nothing and believe me
    I looked.
    Absolutely love your videos and don't pay any attention to the crazies ( trolls)
    Your videos are a breath of fresh air. Hope you do some more kayaking vids

  3. Been up that way today. Forest just on the left after Longframlington. Something strange is going on up there believe me. Been doing some research online today and eventually found this. 100% something is there. Would love to know if any locals know anything. Usually see people up there when I’ve been before but not today. And I’m wondering why?

  4. Spent weeks there at Redpath with my parents. Haven't been back since 1976. I remember all the stuff in this video quite common to find bones, skulls of small mammals, pellets etc and deer would get very close to you. Bit creepy as so dark. The swarms of flying ants that came down the chimney were the worst 🙂

  5. OMG, this is so similar to another video on YouTube of a farm with sheep and the next day the owners came out and noticed half their sheep had been mutilated and this video reminds me so much of that because the girl in the video said she saw a tuft of white hair hanging on the fence, and she went to retrieve it and when she got to it it blew away. She even had pictures of the sheep that were mutilated and the other sheep were terrified and wouldn't come out of hiding for weeks. The farmers are puzzled too. Wow, just so similar to this.


  7. Damian I was up Harwood recently in the Land Rover, I went in the Harwood village way and ended up miles and miles In, was a complete maze, after trying dozens of locked gates I finally made it out the same way I went in, big place like, I'm doing a camp up there soon and wondering where the best place to park up at is? Ano Harwood village is the south end but I'm wondering if there is a better spot to start at, I'm a bit anxious about it as I will be on me tod, it felt sketchy and that was in the Land Rover, I went up past Redpath, that looks like it's got some history.
    Atb Davie

  8. I have to agree 100% you have a few Sasquatch or an entire family in those woods great capture! I'm from Canada and the sounds you heard were definitely Sasquatches and all those tree breaks weren't done by the average Joe.

  9. Wow just getting into wild camping and that and find your videos great I'm from the north east my self so will have to visit Harwood forest my self some time

  10. Not sure if that forest would support their bio-diverse habitat but sounds like very distant wolf howls to me,  Sound can be carried a remarkably long distance, possibly a small community of wolves, one of the UK's secret habitat release programmes?Could also be somebody who keeps working huskys (some folk race with them driving wheeled sleigh type setup), or other working dogs that habitually howl. Also wood does crack and break of its own accord, the smallest of breeze can increase the frequency remarkably.

  11. Its a Zoom H6, the newer version of the popular H4N which has a couple of detachable mics and better preamps than the earlier models. its sensitive to quiet sounds but can be more sensitive depending in the mic inputted. Put it this way with the default mics attached it will pick me snoring at max sensitivity behind the recorder maybe 50 meters away which is picking up echoes/reverb off the souronding trees so is sensitive

  12. Any chance there are stags/red deer, and owls about? I like that the mic picked up your snoring too…I've had camping friends tell me my snores would scare away 'squatches. I can't argue the point.

  13. I wouldn't think that it was poachers, not for mutton.  I would say that something is mauling and eating the sheep (and lambs).  Probably dragging the bodies into the woods to eat.  There is a lot of dead sheep here, more than I've ever witnessed in all my years walking the hills.  I don't think that this is a fox.  This along with the sounds is creepy.  I would understand if we still had packs of wolves like in Alaska but I can't understand what's going on here.  A large creature could easily move around and remain unknown to man in a lot of lonely areas of the UK uplands. 

  14. Some very strange noises mate………really unusual.
    Ive heard some strange sounds on my solo nights out but nothing like that.
    I Have expereinced an encounter with what i could only desribe as a big black cat, and no it was definetly not a black labrador as Blacktimberw has suggested.

    If your a little spooked doing solo nights Damian ,just give me a shout mate….ill be happy to join you on a adventure. Im in sunderland by the way.
    Take care…………..Mick


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