Strange sounds coming from the woods any ideas?


This guy was walking in the woods when he suddenly heard that.

Anyone have any idea what’s making all the noise?

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  1. Owls. Been hearing this my whole life. Grew up hunting and still do. I’m here because last night I heard a sound I’ve never heard in my life while out hog hunting. Unfortunately no audio to share. I’m coming up empty on every search. Best way I can describe it is a whistling sound. I guess it’s a bird of some sort. It was definitely an odd experience.

  2. Bigfoot do mimic owls, and it can sound 'off' to the listener. IF you have had any activity around your home or in the surrounding woods, I would put out a digital recorder all night and see what you get. Trail cams are pretty useless, they KNOW the cams are there, and either avoid them OR mess with them from 'behind' the trailcam is attached. HOWEVER, trailcams could catch the other wildlife, and maybe owls would show up in the trailcam footage.

  3. boy you've got elves back there and no not the Christmas ones thes thing are tricky and love to wreck havok kinda like the gremlins from well gremlins except worse but don't worry there hasn't been any reported deaths from elves so your safe they'll get bored and leave

  4. Yip owls.They can make some of the oddest and creepiest sounds. Really cool creatures though. We have some barn owls in our barns lol and we have some other owls down back that we can hear during the night. They like our hay bails.


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