Strange Sounds Happening Again in Terrace British Columbia May 7th 2015 7:50am


Caught it again!

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  1. I decided to use a tuner ap to see if there were any musical notes, not for this video in particular, but a different one with little to no background noise. So if you want to play some unexplainable notes, here you go… C4 F2 B4 C4 B4 C#4 C4 B4 Bb4 A4 G4 Bb4 A4 G5.

  2. December 1st 2017 my wife and I were driving outside Norwalk Ohio and we heard the exact same sounds. They were so loud that you couldn't hear anything else. It reminded me of someone trying to play a trumpet but they had no idea what they were doing. It scared the crap out of us. The sound went on for about ten minutes and just ended.

  3. This is so bizarre, I actually lived in Hazelton around that time. Only like an hour and a half away from Terre ce. Never heard of these strange sounds until now.


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