Strange Sounds in Canada


A video clip recorded on January 18th, 2012 of some really strange sounds ( not the wind ) in Newfoundland, Canada.
– The whole afternoon at work, we were hearing really strange, loud noises that we could not make any sense of…



  1. how come there is never a crowd of people around whenever this bullshit starts.? Usually just the cameraman and maybe one or two buds.Think something like this would have people coming outside to see wtf was going on .just saying

  2. hRevelation 8:6
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    Revelation 8:5-7 (in Context) Revelation 8 (Whole Chapter) Other Translations
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  3. This is my theory….Dimensión meet each other where there is room enough to explote….This can not lake place in a lake or in a cannon..this must take place in wide land…!

  4. And one video is going to debunk many videos from all over the globe? I think it was you that has been hoaxed. Not to mention I have heard the same sound before. And I live in the middle of nowhere. It must just be a guy with loud speakers on the back of a truck travelling the world. -gives thumbs up-

  5. I know this BECAUSE this happened during winter in ontario and it was most definately NOT snowmobiles, because there was no snow that year.. it wasnt the earth, it was the entire sky making that sound and scientist later on released information about what the sound was..

  6. this is our megnetosphere under alot of pressure from the CME's the sun is ejecting towards earth.. nothing to worry about… says the government.. I heard this in ontario aswell at about 7:30am, woke me up.

  7. Sounds are being heard all over the world, many of them sound very similar. So, let's break it down logically. H.A.A.R.P has been mentioned several times, but it operates at a frequency that is designed for secret contact with submarines, or so they say. One scientist claims it is radiation within our magnetosphere, although he can't explain why it's just now happening. Perhaps it's a bleed over in sound from a parallel dimension? It sounds mechanical. Something is causing animals to drop dead.


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