Strange sounds in the sky explained by a sound designer


Many videos have popped up on YouTube in recent years of strange sounds being heard in the sky all around the world. Many people are wondering what makes these sounds, is it aliens? Or is the world about to end? Well, today I show you what I as a sound designer think of this whole situation.

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  1. I love how everybody here is just screaming they heard 'the sound', yet nobody comes with a video of his/her experience. I get it… Some of you people hear a sound, but instead of coming at me saying I'm wrong or I shouldn't be saying it's fake, maybe you should think for a second or two about the sound itself. I hear sounds ALL THE TIME, some even similar to the 'metal-bending' sound in some of these videos. Does that mean I instantly upload a video to YouTube claiming to have catched a strange phenomenon? No, let me tell you why.

    When I hear a sound I can't place, I want to know what it could possibly be. So far out of all the sounds I heard in my own area, I've been able to track it down to the possible source. Last night I heard a pretty similar sound to the ones in the videos, that 'metal-bending' eerie sound (that some like to call 'trumpets of the sky'). We had just had a huge snowstorm and all the streets were covered in snow. The sound came from a man using a power shovel or digger to scrape the snow of the asphalt in front of his house, the metal scraping across the surface created a very similar sound, just not as loud as the ones from for instance the Kiev video. Now there is a difference: I live in a rural area. In a big city, this sound can be amplified by surrounding high rise buildings, resulting in a louder version of the same sound.

    Another time I heard a similar sound, which ended up being work on the train tracks. I actually went out of bed at night and walked towards the train tracks where I found a construction company doing nightly repairs to the tracks. They used a massive machine to straighten potentially bend tracks, which created again a similar 'metal-bending' sound. Another time I heard a very distinct low oscillating sound that became louder the moment I stepped outside, but it was very subtle so maybe not many people noticed it. However on Twitter I saw a few people who witnessed the same sound and later that day we found out that during the night, a converter box at the local power station had broken down, creating a low humming sound as a result. After the fault was fixed, the sound was gone.

    See where I'm going at? We live in an age where manmade structures and tools are used everywhere, even down to the tropical rainforests of the Amazon to the deserts of Africa, machinery is everywhere. There are so many things in our lives that can generate sounds and with the right environment, these can be amplified or altered by the surroundings. This can also make it harder to pinpoint the direction the sound is coming from, ever noticed a sound of a plane and you look up to the North where the sound came from, only to notice the sound actually came from the Southern direction of the sky? That's caused by the sound reflecting off of your surroundings that throws your perception off.

    Finally, I would like to talk about wind in connection to sound. Ever heard of the artwork "The Singing Tree"? It's an artwork placed in England on a hill, consisting of a lot of metal pipes of varying lengths. When the wind blows through these pipes it creates a resonating sound similar to the sounds in these videos, depending on the size of the pipes and the strength of the wind the pitch and amplitude will change. In recent years more of these artworks have been build around the world, so maybe this is the source of some of the videos and people just aren't aware of the artwork. But when you think about it: if you blow through a pipe you get a sound, same reason why a trumpet works the way it does. Now think of wind blowing through a landscape, city, rock formation or other structure… Under the right conditions this could easily create a resonating sound similar to what's heard in the videos, it might not be common, but it is a possibility. This possibility to me makes a lot more sense than what most people are using as arguments.

    So next time, instead of thinking "OMG I HEARD A CRAZY SOUND FROM THE SKY", think to yourself: "Wait a second, maybe there is a more logical explanation to this sound I'm hearing" and try to find out what it is. That's just my 2 cents, I'm out!

  2. Sorry fellow but I have heard this shit at least 40 years ago, personally I think it's some kind of industrial, traffic noises combined with the right weather conditions. Nothing paranormal or alien.

  3. You are exactly right in stating that some of the videos can be faked. I do not know how people can have so much boredom and free time to do so but, heh! I’m not them.
    Personally, I cannot build a sound system that will produce these sounds so powerful that it vibrates houses, buildings, trees, and even the leaves on the trees. I also could not transmit the waveforms I am seeing on the Spectrum Analyzer that would cause such harmonics and resonant vibrations. (The FCC would quickly track me down and arrest me). I mentioned HAARP possibly causing waves that vibrate objects by reaching their resonant frequency. I do not know of any other possible source that can do such vibrations and reactions that also can be viewed on the screen of an analyzer. There is nothing I am aware of in nature that can cause such radio waves.

  4. Your a ignorant dumbshit! Heard booms one after another in upstate pa in feb of 2012 for almost 10 mins scared me enough to go into garage and shut the door and pace left and right it freaked me out that much! Some sounds are from the war of the worlds movie dubbed over s video of the sky. But i assure you the booms i heard one after another for 10 mins straight that night was no bullshit!

  5. I was walking in the bush in Victoria bc and heard something like that then a big crash and animals started running and appearing on high hills and looking my way.i thought it was a ship horn but I don't know

  6. I heard the sound, but I didn’t make a video because I was so stunned ?, I forgot about recording the sounds!! The sounds are real, so I don’t know ?‍♀️ what this guy is talking about!! People are saying that our Government is sending out drones to make these sounds!! I know what I heard and I don’t care ?‍♀️ what this guy says!!!!

  7. Well and howww this sound came to Greece too?? And to all around the world? I heard it too,in Greece..It was like a strange bugle but without the scary was just a strange sound..So no its not this explanation its something else

  8. Notice NO VIDEO EXIST ONLINE with strange sounds from thousands of fishermen worldwide, ergo sound isnt from sky.
    I think it has to do with satelites mesuring whats underground, and we hear the vibrating/resonance of pipes etc.

  9. This same sound was picked up on our "Ring" Sunday, August 18th, 2019 at 11:15 pm. My husband discovered it the next day. We're located between Ft. Worth & Dallas. Looking for a Youtube video with same sound I found this one, and the first two sounds recorded is the same sound we recorded. Wicked creepy, have never hear anything like it.

  10. Many are obviously fake. But NASA and News channels couldn't even come up with explanations. I think NASA would know if all the videos were faked and made my people

  11. I heard these sounds two or three times in Kyoto, Japan.
    On every occasion they were deafening and coming from all directions.
    They also lasted for tens of seconds if not minutes.
    I would like to see the speaker system of the person who produced those sounds.

  12. The sounds in the video are not fake I heard the sound myself in British Columbia Canada. I live next to a train yard and the sound was louder and not even close to the same sounds that I usually hear.


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