Strange Sounds in the Wilderness


Exploring in the woods I could hear some growling and heavy breathing type sounds.

Initially it seemed to be coming from the trees above but was hard to know for sure, a vulture could be seen flying nearby.

I thought it may be an injured animal or something trying to warn me to keep distance.

I left the area and the sound would stop as I got further away.

What do you think this strange noise is?

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  1. Sounds like ? bear??
    Wierd if it was a vulture
    NEVER KNEW ? Hmmmm

    Crazy VIDEO ?
    YOU'VE got ALOT MORE nerve than MOST!

    Walking in the wilderness ???
    Thanks for sharing

  2. I had a black vulture that I was rehabilitating after it was shot, and it would make that weird noise and spread it's wings when I was bringing the meals. This was awesome Florida Trailblazer !


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