Strange sounds while back country camping


Something woke me up in the night while back country camping. It’s hard to tell, but I think it was a buck. The clicking noise from my camera sounds loud when you turn up the volume but normally you can’t hear it at all when the camera is running, so the animal sounds you hear on tape were actually a lot louder. Whatever it was also made a low honk/grunt sound that the microphone didn’t pick up, like if you scoot back in your chair on a wood floor.



  1. That is 100% a deer….. they do that when they smell you, and are warning other deer. Many a times I have been in a tree stand with a deer below me, they either hear or smell me, bolt until they are out of eye sight, and you hear that exact sound after they stop. It sounds like someone blowing their nose real hard, but it is a deer making a panic noise. Once you hear that as a hunter you're screwed.

  2. When I was like 10 I heard a bear walking around my tent. The footsteps and breaths it took were the loudest I have ever heard, it shook my head with how quiet it was.

  3. It sounded like a deer snorting. It’s a strange sound in the dark for sure. We had a vixen that lost her kits screaming under our bedroom window one night, it scared the ship out of me lol we live in a town surrounded by hundreds of miles of State land and National Forest and there are no street lights and probably less than a 1,000 full time residents. The summer gets a little bit busier here with the lakes but we enjoy the eagles and all the wildlife we live around. Learning the noises they make is very interesting, the Loons on our lake make the most interesting ones. Did you go back to that location and look for deer tracks the next day?

  4. One time I was wandering around country, I turned my car down a dirt road, went for miles and it dead ended in a small clearing. I decided to stay for the night ( I was alone, unarmed). I was about 10 miles form the nearest paved road or house. This was before cell phones too. This was in the thick forested part of Montana.
    I built a large bonfire. About an hour later, I heard very loud footsteps. They sounded odd, but then I heard more. They kept making odd jumping and clicking sounds. They were coming closer. I grew very concerned and grabbed the only weapon I had- a baseball bat- I prepared to die, but fight to the end.. Suddenly, just at the fire light edge, about 35 ft. away, I saw about ten deer, just standing there looking at me with curiosity. It was amazing. Since this was bear country, and where deer are there are also bears, I figured it would be wise to sleep inside the car, lock the doors and roll up the windows almost all the way. I barely slept at all, Whew, what a night, especially after the fire died down.

  5. Camping in the wilderness is OK, but not in a tent. I can’t believe the things I hear outside our bedroom window sometimes. I live about 20 miles north of Pittsburgh PA. I live at the end of the road pretty much surrounded by woods. Some of the things my wife and I have heard caused me to get a infrared trail camera and mounted just outside our bedroom window. We have heard those noises a few nights two summers ago while the camera was operational. We love living here. We’ve been here for over 30 years. We’re afraid to look at the pictures the trail camera took, because we don’t want to move.. The woods around our house are pretty much solid woods all the way up to Canada from where we live, you just have to cross a few roads but you could stay in the woods theoretically all the way up into Canada..
    My wife and I enjoyed swimming in the Moonlight, with all the lights turned off, sometimes as late as 1 am..
    I was taking a final dip in the pool one night, late, I had just returned from a days riding on my motorcycle. I went in the house, took a quick shower, and jumped in the pool. My dog is always on the deck when I’m in the pool . One night, this night, Charlie and I heard a single knock down in the hollow.. it was a weeknight, so people wouldn’t be out partying in the woods, I actually have never seen anyone down in those woods, not even my kids when they were growing up, they never went that far down into the hollow,and the direction the sound came from, there aren’t any houses. I’ve lived here for over 30 years, and I still have never gone all the way down to investigate those woods because there are overgrown rough terrain and steep.
    Anyway, Charlie heard the knock and so did I, Charlie immediately started growling and staring into the direction of the woods where the sound came from. The hair on the back of my neck is standing up right now as I am describing that night.
    It was not like the sound of a tree falling over, there was no wind, clear starry night, it sounded like someone striking a tree with a baseball bat. It was one knock.
    Needless to say that was the end of the swim for that night. I went on the computer and did some investigating, just for the hell of it, I searched Bigfoot sightings in Pennsylvania. It turns out there were nine Bigfoot sightings officially reported within 2 miles of my house, all of them, less than two minutes away by car. Multiple witnesses, husband and wife witnesses, as far back as 2004, and as recent as 2015..
    The sounds my wife and I heard a few times outside of our bedroom window, the reason I put up a trail camera, well that camera recorded several hundred pictures that summer. I know what dear sound like, I think I know what coyotes sound like, I know we have bears , but I don’t know what they sound like, but I doubt that they were bear. Could’ve been an owl, or an animal in distress, it was not a raccoon, I know the creepy sounds they can make, but the scary part is, I could tell it was right outside our bedroom window, because I could hear the grass swishing, luckily our bedroom window is about 14 feet above ground..
    Anyway, this YouTube video brings back the memory of that night a couple years ago. It’s funny how complete darkness makes things that are probably nothing, pretty scary..Someday I’m going to take a look at all those photos my camera took, just not yet

  6. If there is bear there, that would be a bear .they do the same as a deer but the only thing is that a deer hearing a human don't stay around. I hunted for a long time .to me my friend,you where very close to a bear.just get bear spray. I can save your life. 99 %they want attack.but you got that 1 % that will.

  7. Almost five minutes of a black screen, a light blinking on then off quickly, a light comming on for a second or two, rustling in the brush, a deer huffing. Hmm, must be Bigfoot. Seriously, though. the guy has more balls than I do, because yours truly would not camp alone in the woods.


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