The Hum – weird noise plaguing village is investigated by the Telegraph


The Telegraph sent a crack team of investigators and some equipment lying around the office, to find the source of ‘the hum’, a mysterious noise plaguing a Co Durham village at night.



  1. I live in nj usa, i have it ,it sounds like like traffic in the distance. it stop suddenly and start again. my husband cant hear it. I know now it always happens before a hurricane

  2. this World wide Hum [TAOS/HUM] & Loud worldwide Booms
    are One Of My Favorite Mysterious anomolies
    Happenin On the Theatrical World StaGe -today
    -[CERN] and the [Mandela/EFFect] are ExcitinG to Follow as well
    also there has been talK -of the [NepHilim] REturninG

    -Ooo XcitinG World thinGs & StuFFs to come -My pretty Babies

    and as Of Late -theres somethinG to do w| the Governments
    BarrinG Cave Enterences world wide -and mappinG Caves
    this will be EXcitinG PHenomina -to Follow as well . . .

    More EXcitinG & Brand New World Events to come -Stay Tuned


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