The Source Behind a Mystery Sound Heard Around the World


Strange sounds are being heard around the world, and no one seems to know where they’re coming from. In Sweden, the odd noise sounded like a trumpet. A similar sound was heard in Michigan. In British Columbia, Canada, Dr. Glen MacPherson says he heard a strange humming sound in his home. At first, he thought it was an appliance. “I cut power to entire house and the sound got louder,” he told Inside Edition. He later discovered he was not alone. “This is a worldwide phenomenon,” he said.



  1. Notice on the guys map it's all 1st world industrial nations? I heard big cities with lots of power sources create heat islands. Heat makes air lighter causing convection currents like the way radiators work to warm rooms. The heat rises, gets cooler and sinks again. Imagine one cities convection currents clashing with anothers? Factor in atmospherics and it might make a noise

  2. It's just the space whales calling one another for the great space whale orgy leave'em alone they traveled billions of light years for this great night

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