The Strange Hums Heard Around The World | Sound Mysteries


From Canada to the U.K., a strange hum plagues citizens. Find out what is causing these low frequency hums in this episode of Sound Mysteries.
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  1. It sounds like microwave auditory effect or ultrasonic laser audio because nothing is ever around to make the sound. Sounds like a army experiment probably drone maybe satellites but regardless most likely it's a experiment for the army or something to see if we can do something like that without people finding out where it's coming from could be useful when it comes to making war sounds to the west of a enemy making them run east where the us army placed bunch of mines

  2. I hear it during the entire night but by the morning usually around 9:00AM, it vanishes. I lived here all my life and I never heard this sound as a child and we use to camp outside in the summer month's? We also live by power lines and I know that they don't make this humming sound where everyone questions this sound? I even believed it was someone idling close by but no one was around when I went to investigate. I don't believe it is a mystery but hidden information like everything else that we question. The so called meteors blazing across the sky which lights up entire provinces but "scientists" can't explain this phenomenon? The more technological advances but we are told there are no explanations for these things.

  3. I’m in Mississippi on the border of Tennessee and Alabama.. town of 2000 people. I live 1 block away from a communication tower. It’s for cell phones and WiFi .. I didn’t start hearing the sound until a few years ago. It constantly humming. 5 yr ago my mom got lung cancer 2 yr ago I got breast cancer . Last yr my mom has no health problems she beat cancer she had a stroke and again had one this yr. we both live a block from the tower. Our neighbors kidneys shut down they don’t know why. A friend of moms on her street is hearing it she lives right next to it. Her cats won’t stay at her house when inside they act crazy until she lets them out. They’re fixed. No animals can stand this block. You see no animals or strays on our street. It’s the 5 g. It’s the towers. All of our community wants to sell out and move. The towers the signals it’s making us sick !!! A man across the road shot his wife then himself for no reason. She died he later died at the hospital. Get away from the towers !!!

  4. I’ve heard it before
    just a few days ago and that’s how I ended up here
    to answer some questions, I heard it from the sky
    it lasted at least 7 seconds and it did sound like a hum
    and low wavery hum and then kinda like a squeaky metal door
    I asked my family but only me and my little brother heard it
    It felt like it was pushing at my head a bit
    and it made me feel really anxious and scared
    it really is an eerie thing

  5. Heard this 2 nights ago where I live. It woke me. It’s a hum yes. Best way to describe it. I live in the middle of nowhere. Woodsy. Had never heard of this before. Lasted just a few hours. Idk? Was just odd

  6. thats HAARP, they are messing with shit they dont know what they are messing with.. it messes with our ionosphere buy bouncing off our atmosphere and transferring magnetic energy onto our ionosphere when it comes back and bounces off it can cause this big cracks in the earth and earth quakes .. its still classified, and we all know that just means they are messing with shit they dont fully know what they are toying with or the effects if could have so we are all like damn lab rats and so is our planet.

  7. Has anyone considered that it could be aerodynamic resonance along mountain valleys? In simpler terms, a mountain valley system could act like an enormous organ pipe, possibly with overtones, like blowing across an enormous bottle. If possible at all, that would only happen in very narrow ranges of wind direction and velocity.

  8. I’ve told you before and I tell you now, that’s is a groaneth

    For the creature was made subject to vanity, not willingly, but by reason of him who hath subjected the same in hope, because the creature itself also shall be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God. For we know that the whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now. / Porque la creación fue sujetada a vanidad, no por su propia voluntad, sino por causa del que la sujetó en esperanza; porque también la creación misma será libertada de la esclavitud de corrupción, a la libertad gloriosa de los hijos de Dios. Porque sabemos que toda la creación gime a una, y a una está con dolores de parto hasta ahora Rom 8: 20-22

  9. In the South of the Netherlands also, like a truck is driving slowly in our street. For 5 years now, when i hear music with a strong bass, or car's with woofers, i feel crancky, headaches, my ears are sore. I hear very clear, nothing is wrong there. It is so bad, that i almost don't listen to my music anymore, i am an old school rocker, my music hurts me now . If someone shouts or speak loud i cover my ears, believe me i tried earplugs, other stuff, it doest work. My husbnd doest hear that well, damages from working with loud machines. he also sleeps horroble, and is always tired. That bloody hum is there, and i dont want to hear it at all, i cant laugh this, and i am not alone with hearing this sound in this country.

  10. I heard it from 2015-2017 in Hugo, MN. Had to move to another state and haven't heard it since. It was a very low, rumbling sound. Kind of like semi trucks constantly running in the distance. It never got louder or quieter. I was the only one in the family who heard it and it was pretty unbearable. Lived right next to a cell tower.


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