Top 10 Weird Sounds Cats Make


Not all cats make the lovely miaouuu we are used to.

Listen to these 10 weird and funny sounds that cats make confronted to different situations in life.

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  1. Number nine is not a normal thing. That cat is growling because the person is too close to it and what it is eating. The cat is more than likely food aggressive. If you have a cat that does this, please seek behavioral training for it.

  2. N. 2 The sweet 4am sounds….. I swear, my baby boy can meow so loud he wakes me up immediately. It's like a car alarm 😂😂😂🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😻

  3. Very good but maybe you should use your energy by catching some of these poor cats and getting them neutered so that there aren't more starving cats suffering in the world. I see videos like this all the time and for someone who names their channel after an animal, you really should be doing something to ease suffering rather than just using them as a petty amusement! Or at least feed them regularly and work them if you cannot get it together to find them decent homes… don't you think the 'views' you have got warrants some payback?

  4. My cat does #7 but he doesn't like to be moved / picked up (rebels and runs somewhere / anywhere other than where you put him) and won't come to me. Kinda a problem if he wants more attention but I can't get him over to me.

  5. One of my cats does some great noises.

    She has a unique sock hunting call. She babbles like a baby when she's about to throw up. And her best one is her Donald Duck impression when she's grooming herself and then something makes her angry (usually one of my other cats).

  6. #8 totally sounds like two drunk dudes from Boston goin' at it….
    "DAH FUCK YOOU SAY TA ME????!!!"

  7. I had a aunt named Molly that passed away and few days after she died I was awakened by sound , Molly, Molly, no I’m not saying anything supernatural, but I was afraid, long story short it was my cat in heat .


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