Most Complicated Rainbow Chemtrail Ever


That’s the most complicated chemtrail I have ever seen in my life.

What kind of chemical colors do you recognize in there?

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Rainbow chemtrail over Russia. Picture by Svetlana Kazina: Facebook and Instagram

These glowing rainbow clouds have been captured by Svetlana Kazina over Belukha mountain, Siberia’s highest peak that culminates at 4,506 meters/14,783ft.

The terrifying pictures show thin clouds resembling soap bubbles in colours.

Some say this effect is created when sunlight scatters through water droplets in the atmosphere. 

But these colors are just too strong to be natural. Moreover, the shape of the cloud ‘lace’ seems to change very fast.

Chemtrailing is an attempt to control global warming, but is also there to control human population, psychological manipulation, and military weapons testing. The trails are to blame for health problems and respiratory illness.

They have already sprayed entire cities with radioactive chemicals, so why not trying with other dangerous products?

Yes, those pictures show you the beautiful color of toxic deadly skies, poisoning our lands and waterways. More news on Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle. [Svetlana Kazina: Facebook and Instagram]

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  1. I have to 100% agree with Dania. These are naturally formed iridescent clouds. Nature can be spectacular! On top of that, we don’t know to which degree the camera/phone cranked up the contrast, which enhances the colours. There is enough scary stuff out there, it including chem-trails, which are real-no need to add extra fear-mongering!!

  2. That is not a chem-trail. That is an iridescent cirrus cloud, the voids are called lacunae. The colors are natural. Beautiful, but not anything to worry about. Not a chem-trail.

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