15 Dramatic Things I Have Read Today About The Catastrophic Pandemic We Are Experiencing


1. US weekly jobless claims soared to a record-breaking 3.28 million, vs 1.5 million expected. This is especially true for California where 4000% increase in claims have been recorded in the last days and payments have been delayed up to 3 weeks due to system overload. There are so many Americans filing for unemployment that it’s crashing government websites.

2. As shown in the video below, the U.S. pumps $14 TRILLION into the collapsing economy!

3. Meanwhile in the epicenter of the outbreak in the US, New York, an emergency room doctor in Elmhurst, Queens, risks her work to give a rare look of the reality inside a hospital at the center of the coronavirus pandemic. Dead are now being put in refrigerated truck trailers for cremation:

4. In Spain, ambulances were stoned while trying to transfer 28 elderly coronavirus patients to a residence in their town, La Linea de Concepcion, in southern Spain, near Gibraltar.

5. According to a new article, the US could see more deaths than WWII. It’s time to deploy the military to hospitals.

6. The society is badly hurt too: Portland police chief says suicide calls are up during coronavirus outbreak.

7. Moreover, restaurant suppliers that source food for London and New York’s top restaurants and hotels suddenly have a lot of product they can’t sell and are stuck with tons of unsold food. Are they going to give it away… or burn it?

8. But where do they park all the grounded planes?

9. Meanwhile thousands of planes are still flying during this CV pandemic:

Thousands of airplanes still flying around during this CV crisis
Thousands of airplanes still flying around during this CV crisis

10. And new arrivals at Sydney Airport kind of ignore the distancing rules in place.

11. And what about these hundreds of Amazon warehouse workers in US testing positive for COVID-19. Nobody cares about them probably.

12. Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and International Olympic Committee (IOC) president Thomas Bach agreed Tuesday to postpone the Olympics until 2021, resulting in $25 billion loss.

13. A 36 y/o healthy woman in UK randomly died from the virus – I’m definitely considering a mask outside from now on…

14. Brazil’s president Bolsonaro dismisses COVID-19 pandemic concerns and says country should go back to normal life (and a bunch of other BS)

15. Its the End of the World as We Know it

16. Meanwhile, Dow Jones surges 1,000 points despite record jobless claims, as U.S. Coronavirus cases top 68,000.

Take care and stay at home!


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