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  1. Donald Trump puts Army on four hour notice to deploy to US streets for first time since LA riots in 1992 as Minneapolis erupts for fourth night and violent George Floyd protests sweep the country
    Soldiers in North Carolina and New York must be ready to move in to Minneapolis within four hours
    It’s the first time powers have been evoked since 1992 riots over the beating of Rodney King by cops
    Violent protests demanding justice for George Floyd spread across the US Friday night
    Looting broke out in Minneapolis as protesters defied curfew and the National Guard failed to keep control
    In Atlanta, the CNN headquarters were under siege and protesters threw a smoke bomb at cops defending it
    Protesters surrounded a police precinct in Brooklyn where an NYPD cop threw a woman to the ground
    The White House was forced to go into temporary lockdown as demonstrators tried to scale the walls
    White cop Derek Chauvin was charged with murder Friday but the other three cops still walk free

    I will not make any predictions any more after June pre full moon to July 5 2020. I am sorry for honest journalism and my remote viewing technique. Total martial Law is here to stay with new normal and COVID SARS 2.0 is gone up in 24 states? Are we going to new lock downs?

  2. Minneapolis is burning as we write this article. LAX also riots and as my predictions i did say civil unrest and finally global civil unrest which already started followed by global martial law.
    No election in USA . This is documented. Chinese troops also are inside 30 mile radius in India. We are all deep crap all.
    We do condemn George Floyd killing and all Erick Gardner and Ahmud Arbery and all people of color -non color died in the hands of police brutality. tune in live now agenda free is covering live now at you tube.

  3. Yes thanks a lot indeed. Are you using Apache servers and Ubuntu servers ? Good luck
    Police in riot gear fire rubber bullets and tear gas at thousands of protestors demanding the arrest of four white Minneapolis cops involved in the death of black man George Floyd

    Chaos erupted at a Minneapolis protest Tuesday night over George Floyd’s death on Monday
    Police in riot gear threw tear gas and rubber bullets at people who held banners saying ‘I can’t breathe’
    Demonstrators were pictured with milk doused in their faces to limit the effects of the gas
    Protesters were demanding the white cops are charged over the black man’s death
    A video emerged Monday showing white cop Derek Chauvin kneeling on Floyd’s neck during his arrest
    Floyd was heard repeatedly telling cops he was in pain and could not breathe before losing consciousness
    Minneapolis Police Department confirmed the man later died in the hospital and four officers have been fired
    FBI and state authorities are now investigating the man’s death
    George Floyd’s family said the cops ‘murdered’ Floyd and are calling for officers to face murder charges

    By Rachel Sharp For and Karen Ruiz For

    Published: 23:31 EDT, 26 May 2020 | Updated: 04:37 EDT, 27 May 2020




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    Minneapolis cops in riot gear have fired rubber bullets at thousands of defiant protesters who took to the streets to demand justice for George Floyd, the black man who died after a white officer was filmed kneeling on his neck during his arrest.

    Demonstrators carrying placards reading ‘I can’t breathe’ and ‘Justice 4 Floyd’ surrounded a police precinct Tuesday night after the disturbing video of 46-year-old Floyd begging the cop to stop before falling unconscious was shared online.

    Four members of the Minneapolis Police Department who were involved in Monday’s incident have now been fired, and the FBI and state law enforcement authorities have launched an investigation into the man’s death.

    The victim’s heartbroken family have called for the cops to be charged with murder and their lawyer revealed white cop Derek Chauvin knelt on Floyd’s neck for a staggering eight minutes during the arrest for forgery.

    Floyd worked as a security guard at Conga Latin Bistro, a local bistro in Minneapolis. The bar’s owners have described him as a ‘very calm, nice guy’ who was not the type to be ‘aggressive’ or ‘disrespectful’.

    The demonstrators demanded the arrest of the four officers but were met with rubber bullets and tear gas fired by masked cops as the city’s streets descended into chaos.

    Some had their faces doused in milk to limit the effects of the gas while others ran for cover. Mass civil war will come to USA and global civil war is coming to your cities world wide? get out of big cities move to lesser populate area. Cities will be and are center of storms.

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