The Promises of Virtual Reality in the Near Future

virtual reality, The promises of virtual reality in the near future
The promises of virtual reality in the near future

Virtual reality is a relatively new multi-billion dollar industry that is growing fast every year. The new study suggests that virtual reality’s market worth will reach over 60 billion US dollars in 2027. Many people think virtual reality is mainly used for games, but a large portion of content in VR is not game related.

Virtual reality has dominated tech headlines in recent years, and its applications have engulfed a variety of unrelated fields, including the military, education, medical training, mental health, sports, etc. Let’s take a closer look at one of the most promising technologies that has changed and continues changing people’s lives and the world as we know it.

A Few Words about VR

As its name suggests, VR is basically a simulated reality from a system that uses headsets to generate realistic images, sounds, and other sensations that simulate a user’s physical presence in a virtual world.  A person using virtual reality equipment is able to look around the artificial world, move around in it, and interact with its virtual features.

Uses and Applications of VR

The VR headset consists of a head mounted display with a small screen in front of the eyes and typically incorporates the video and audio feedback. Still, the most recent and improved haptic technologies may enable other types of sensory and force feedback like the sense of smell or touch. They can even simulate the gravity situation where you can feel the weight of a certain object.


VR is particularly useful for training soldiers for combat situations where they can reenact a dangerous event or engage with an enemy of course without the risk of death or serious injury.


VR has also been adopted in education for learning and teaching. Students can interact with each other in a 3D environment. They can take virtual field trips for, say, museums or botanical gardens, explore the solar system and go back to different eras.

Medical students can practice surgeries on virtual patients, which allows them to develop and hone their skills for real-world situations.

Small Business

virtual reality, The promises of virtual reality in the near future
The promises of virtual reality in the near future in different amazing technolog sectors

As virtual reality continues making inroads into our lives, not only software engineers but also entrepreneurs eager to scale their businesses strive to take advantage of VR trends and technologies. Some people employ VR to offer virtual tours to give their customers a better understanding of how they can benefit from using their products or services.

Thus, instead of describing the merits of this or that good and praising their ability to deliver quality services, business owners can transport their prospects to their store, repair shop, or dry-cleaner’s, and let them see everything with their own eyes. If you’re also looking to create your own VR app to expand your business opportunities, make sure to familiarize yourself with the concise guide by going to  

Mental Health

Virtual reality has also been used to treat post-traumatic stress, anxiety, phobias, and even depression. The VR technologies enable mental health specialists to safely expose their patients to the traumatic events and make them reenact these events under controlled conditions. By repeatedly coming in contact with the things in VR people also may cease to experience phobias.


The sports industry has also been affected in many ways by virtual reality. VR is being used to train athletes and help measure athletic performance. It’s been suggested that the viewers’ experience in sports also will be completely revolutionized in the near future. Now broadcasters stream live games in VR and are preparing to one day sell virtual tickets to live events. Imagine, instead of sitting in your seat at the stadium of your favorite sport, you just put your VR headset on and find yourself in the middle of the field running alongside your teammates, not just watching the game but living in high-definition. That’s the promise of virtual reality in the coming years.

Games and Movies

Virtual reality is extremely important for Gaming
Virtual reality is extremely important for Gaming

Another entertainment industry that will change dramatically in the near future due to VR is gaming. One might argue that VR has already revolutionized the industry of gaming with games like Boneworks, Beat Sabre, Lone Echo, Resident Evil 7, Stormland, etc. Nevertheless, there are still many challenges facing VR in gaming. For instance, locomotion is still rigid and far from being ideal in virtual reality, as many users complain about motion sickness and find common locomotion methods like teleportation not as immersive.

Another area that needs further improvement in both VR and gaming in general is graphics. And once engineers find solutions to these problems, it’s been hypothesized that gaming will absorb the film industry entirely. The only remaining difference between a game and a movie will be your choice to interact or not to interact with the storyline.

Final Words

The near future is going to be truly exciting to witness. Perhaps, a little too exciting according to some experts that have expressed concerns about the possible psychological addiction to these newly adopted technologies, as we’ve seen with smartphones. But it will be comforting to know that even if we get the epidemic of addiction to VR, the addicts will be fit and in shape. Now, make sure to familiarize yourself with building VR apps using this concise guide:

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